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Re: WebSTD 2.1: debian in filenames and long paths to installed docs.

On Tue, 5 Nov 1996, Bruce Perens wrote:

bruce >From: Christoph Lameter <clameter@waterf.org>
bruce >> Remove all debian occurences. We could say that all directories in
bruce >> /usr/lib/www are mapped into the root of the real tree
bruce >
bruce >I'd like to stay out of the root of the web server entirely. There is
bruce >also strong opposition to having too many symbolic links.

There wont be many symbolic links. Just the directories immediately in

bruce >> Move cgi-bin back into the server root that will simplify it even
bruce >> more.
bruce >
bruce >Please try my virtual pathname CGI script. That should work with all
bruce >servers that follow the CGI standard to export cgi-bin/debian.
bruce >I have a C version of this that filters pathnames and executes
bruce >quickly that I wrote a while back for hams.com - I can give that you that
bruce >once you verify that the shell version works.

Ok. I tried it but still do not seem to understand the issue. Please send
me that script.

bruce >> Usage of /var/lib/www should be discouraged (only if documents are
bruce >> generated by some tools! otherwise other storage in /var should be used by
bruce >> the tool. Man2html uses /var/man2html for example).
bruce >
bruce >The problem with this is that we want to directly serve some of these
bruce >documents, and thus for security purposes it helps to have them under
bruce >a restricted set of directory trees so that the webmaster can easily audit
bruce >exactly what is being served.

Which documents are you talking about? If we convert all manpages or
similar things then storage in /var/lib/www makes sense. If an
application has application specific storage needs (such as the glimpse
indexes of man2html) then it should store it in its own application
specifc place.

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