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Bug#5034: cucipop doesn't support shadow passwords

Nag> This mail is being sent to you because the indicated bug report
Nag> has been marked as critital for the upcoming stable relase of
Nag> Debian GNU/Linux.

Actually, cucipop 1.10-3 fixes this -- I was just taking time to
figure out how to formally kill a Bug.

  Whereas cucipop 1.10-3 has been uploaded to master, and
  Whereas this new version fixes the Bug with code contributed
    by both the program's author and by the author of the shadow
    password suite himself, and
  Whereas there have been no problems with the new version, by which
    is meant that it works for me, and that there have been no
    objections by the aforementioned authors, or by users,
  I, Therefore, pronounce this Bug closed.

There you have it.  The release may continue as planned....


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