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Bug#5259: oleo goes nuts on improper copy command

Package: oleo
Version: 1.6-7

When copying a block of cells with oleo, I selected the block
with the ^@ and moved the cursor to the lower right.  I hit
ESC-c and then went to type in the coordinates of the recieving

After typing r12:14 (or similar) I hit return by mistake.. The
spreadsheet starting copying the block to fill the entire
universe of rows 12 through 14, and filling memory up in doing

The concept of a spreadsheet is meant to appear infinite (even
though in practice they are, of course, not) and it seems like a
bug to me for the program to try to fill the cell range
r12:14c1:65536, especially since this an unwitting user could
trigger a denial-of-service attack this way without bad intent.

I may be wrong in my guess as to why the program goes silent and
starts eating memory like this.

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