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Re: Debian WWW standards version 2.0

Bruce Perens wrote:
> 1.1 Serving Debian Documentation
>         C. Automatic installation of documents must be supported.
>                 Packages need a well-known fixed path that can be
>                 used to install files, and a corresponding well-known
>                 URL to access those files once they are installed.

Yes, please.

> 2.1 Well-Known Paths and URLs

Can't we fix the use of "localhost" instead of <hostname> ?
Localhost is a valid and well-known name in every system. It tells
explicitly *where* are the pages.

> Debian directory	/var/lib/debian-www/documents
> server must export	"http://<hostname>/debian/".


> Debian directory	/var/lib/debian-www/cgi-bin
> server must export	"http://<hostname>/cgi-bin/debian/


> Debian directory	/usr/lib/debian-www/documents
> server must export	"http://<hostnamne>/debian/ROM.documents

why not simply		/usr/lib/debian-www/doc
and			"http://<hostnamne>/debian/doc

> Debian directory	/usr/doc
> server must export	"http://<hostnamne>/debian/ROM.usr.doc

Under /usr/doc we put a lot of stuff, only partly html. (examples for
I vote for moving the html that packages install now under
/usr/doc/<package> to /usr/lib/debian-www/documents (or simply __/doc)
and leave other (original) formats under /usr/doc, out of webspace.

> Debian directory	/usr/lib/debian-www/cgi-bin
> server must not export this directory.
> sym-links may be to	/usr/lib/debian-www/cgi-bin


Do we break something using /usr/www instead of /usr/lib/debian-www  ?

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