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my packages

Much as I'd like to I don't have time to do any work on Debian now or
in the foreseeable future.  (This has been the case for many months,
in fact.)  Mail sent to me regarding them will almost certainly be

I think someone has already picked up the svgalib packages, thankyou;
however the following are still in need of a more active maintainer
than I:


    This is an Emacs-based mailer.  It could do with upgrading to the
    latest upstream version, though the current Debian version works
    very well.


    A small companion package to vm.


    An email list server.  Wants upgrading to the recently released
    new upstream version.  

All of them could do with being converted to the new source packaging
format, etc - I've not done anything to them for ages and ages.

If at some point I do find I have the right kind of time available,
Debian is high on my list of worthwhile things to do.

Richard Kettlewell               http://www.elmail.co.uk/staff/richard/

Security issues are not discussed in this memo.

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