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Re: processing incoming

I would agree with Boris that as a matter of courtesy, it
is better to assure that all mail readers will display the
body of the message without requiring any extra steps.  Some
mail readers will not automatically display your message if
it is encoded.

Thanks.  Syrus.

Syrus Nemat-Nasser <syrus@ucsd.edu>    UCSD Physics Dept.

On Sun, 3 Nov 1996, Lars Wirzenius wrote:

> "Boris D. Beletsky":
> > PLZ! do not use mime for the body of the mail on mailing lists 
> Why?
> -- 
> Please read <http://www.iki.fi/liw/mail-to-lasu.html> before mailing me.
> Please don't Cc: me when replying to my message on a mailing list.

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