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Bug#5239: /etc/cron.daily/squid not marked as conffile

Package: squid
Version: 1.0.19

Upgrading squid overwrote my customised cron.daily/squid file (I have my
own method of rotating the log files and generating reports - rotate them
daily, rename to /var/log/squid/oldlogs/YYMMDD-<logfile>, generate
reports, gzip the logs, clean up, etc). 

Fortunately, I knew that upgrading squid would do this so i kept a backup
copy :-)

NOTE: this bug probably occurs in many other packages.  I know it occurs
in syslogd because I have to edit it every time i upgrade so that it
rotates my /var/log/mail.log (I don't like having mail logs in daemon.log
so i put them in mail.log) 

Fixing this will probably require changing run-parts to ignore files in
/etc/cron.*/ which have 'dpkg-old' or 'dpkg-dist' in the filename. 

alternatively, change dpkg to do "chmod a-x" on these files.

ultimately, some method of registering daily, weekly, and monthly cron
scripts (similar to the way we register /etc/init.d/ scripts) is needed.


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