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Re: Install-*-menu policy

Philippe Troin:
> What's the policy on 1.2 about install-{x,fvwm2,*}-menu in Debian 1.2 
> ? Should packages implement it or not ? And using what ?
> Is there any package around here implementing it ?

The only thing that is currently implemented is install-fvwm2menu.
It is part of the Debian fvwm2 package. Unless someone gets something
done _really_ fast (in less than 47 hours 40 minutes), there are no
alternatives. Packages which wish to use anything, should use

However, since the code freeze (which will happen within 47 hours
40 minutes) means that only bugs should be fixed in rex, and since
I don't think failure to use install-fvwm2menu should be treated as
a bug at this point, I suggest that we ignore the whole Apps menu
thing for 1.2.

For 1.3, all packages should use it, if the program can install a
useful menu entry. Failure to do so should be treated as a bug.

I don't decide the policy though. These are my personal opinions.
I invented install-fvwm2menu -- though the current implementation is
not mine -- so I of course know of what I type, so of course everyone
will now obey my opinions on this matter. Either that, or I need to
buy some more ice cream. I think I'll do that anyway, since the shop
had some really good chocolate ice cream at a cheaper price than usual.
It's worth walking three kilometers in rain wearing leaking shoes to
get it. Unless someone tells Linus to stop me, I'll be living on ice
cream for the next day or two.

Eating lots of ice cream is the best way to tend a breaking heart.
Those without breaking hearts should get one as soon as possible.

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