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bugs in vim, fsp, etc.

Well, that time of year that university students down in Aus love so much
is rolling around - exams. As a result, non-critical bugs in my packages
(vim, fsp, libelf, lyx, zip, unzip, and possibly one or two others I can't
recall offhand) will _not_ be dealt with from here on until after the 18th
of November. If there's some serious problem, such as security holes, etc.
(though I can't foresee any, that's no guarantee), I'll endeavour to do
what I can, but I cannot guarantee anything.

I'll also be away for a holiday from the 30th of November through to the
8th of December; Monash closes on the 20th of December for the Christmas
break (I don't have a modem, or any other access to the Internet, so will
be unable to do anything at all in that period.)

I think that covers just about everything. Cheers.

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