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Re: Webspace configuration

Lars Wirzenius <liw@iki.fi> writes:

> [1  <text/plain>]
> That's a maintainance nightmare...

> > An other problem I currently see is that dpkg will unpack the
> > package first and then run the install scripts (correct ?). In
> > what directory should dpkg unpack the package if the links are not
> > there yet ?

> You don't install anything via /etc/webspace/*. You install
> into /usr/lib/XXX, and create a symlink (in postinst):
> /etc/webspace/html/XXX -> /usr/lib/XXX.

By the way, idvi is a good example of a package that would need this
mechanism.  Has anybody laid claim on idvi yet?  If nobody has, I can
throw one together as soon as this issue is resolved.

(IDVI requires pk files and some java code in the webspace, for
caching reasons it's better to locate the pk files centrally.  IDVI
also comes with programs that run locally to create supporting .html
files for your dvi documentation.)

I support Lars' idea (having the symlinks in /etc/webspace that point to
the real directories). One question though - when do the symlinks for
/etc/webspace get created?  Should they be in the apache package,
marked as configuration files, or should they be in the 'postinst' of
the apache package (requiring apache postinst to be run first)?


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