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Re: processing incoming

"David Morris" <bweaver@worf.netins.net> writes:

> I was wondering what the schedule/routine was for processing Incoming at 
> master.debian.org. Is there a script that automatically does that or does 
> someone manually activate the script.

It's automatic for old packages.  Unfortunately master has a nasty
habit of remounting the debian directory ro, so the script can't run.
That's been the case for the last 3 runs now.  (Wed-Fri)

> SInce the other one was still there I was unsure 
> whether to remove the previous deb package or have both there and let the 
> updating routine sort them out. I presumed that I would leave both of them 
> there since the first version also provided the source code package and the 
> second one just the deb and changes packages.



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