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Re: dselect user interface

Richard Kaszeta <kaszeta@me.umn.edu> writes:

> Well, based on discussion on comp.os.linux.misc, I think a simple
> change that would make people a lot happier is to have dselect treat
> 'recommends' more like 'suggests' than 'depends', since I've seen a
> number of references to people getting frustrated at the large numbers
> of packages dselect tries to install.

No, I think the current behavior is correct.  Recommends is treated
like depends by dselect and like suggests by dpkg.  Developers
sometimes use recommends when they really should use suggests.

>From the Programmer's Manual 8.2:

The Recommends field should list packages that would be found together
with this one in all but unusual installations.

[Suggests] is used to declare that one package may be more useful with
one or more others.

You should file bugs against packages that use recommends when they
should be using suggests.


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