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Bug#4923: utsname.domainname is not set

Package: libc5
Version: 5.2.18-8

utsname.domainname isn't set. This seems to be a general problem
so it should be reported to the upstream maintainer.

This little program:

uts.c ------------------------------------------
#include <sys/utsname.h>

  struct utsname sysname;

  if (uname(&sysname)==0) {
    printf ("nodename: %s\n", sysname.nodename);
    printf ("domainname: %s\n", sysname.domainname);

should output tapiola and infodrom.north.de (my domain).  But instead
it produces:

tapiola!joey:/tmp> ./uts
nodename: tapiola
domainname: (none)

The manpage doesn't document that domainname isn't set so I combine that
it shall represent the actual domain.

This mistake occurs with the following libraries

libc4 4.5.26
libc5 5.2.18
libc5 5.4.7



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