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Re: modules (2.0.0-12) contains the insmod.c patch for 2.1.X

andersee@et.byu.edu (Erik B. Andersen)  wrote on 21.10.96 in <m0vFFSf-000LsDC@Dillweed>:

> From the linux-kernel mailing list, it seems that the insmod.c patch is not
> the RightThing(tm) to do for module compatability with kernel 2.1.x.  It
> seems the RightThing(tm) is to upgrade to the newest version of libc
> (libc5.4.9).  I think that maybe the insmod patch should be removed...

Also, 5.4.{7,8,9?} is said to fix several serious security bugs. See the  
linux-{gcc,security} lists.

MfG Kai

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