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Re: cfgtool 1.0 -- alea iacta est

Rob Browning, on cfgtool's use of a binary file:
> Not to be a stick in the mud, but why couldn't this be a text file?
> It seems fairly unusual to make something like this binary.

I did because I could sense my available hacking energy becoming
low and wanted this out as soon as possible...

Yes, a text file would be better. If I have the time, I'll rewrite
it again, but it should now be much easier -- the changes should
restricted to a couple of functions. OTOH, it's less than a thousand
lines, so it'd be easy to rewrite everything from scratch, anyway.

Anyway, as suggested by someone else, binary data will need to
be encoded in some way. That should be trivial to do. Finally
an excuse to learn base64...[1]

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[1] And don't start suggesting altenrative encodings, please.
It's either base64 or C's string notation. Or possibly both,
depending on the data.

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