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Re: Imagemagick and LZW

> As the changes in the LZM and non-LZW versions only occur in the 
> libmagick library, what I'm planning to do is to separate the library 
> from the executables and to have two different libraries, one in the 
> free graphics without LZW and the other in non-free with LZW. The 
> packages would be:
> 	libmagick:
> 		the non-LZW .so
> 		conflicts with libmagick-lzw
> 	libmagick-dev:
> 		the non-LZW .a and includes
> 		requires libmagick
> 	libmagick-lzw:
> 		the LZW .so
> 		conflicts with libmagick
> 	libmagick-lzw-dev:
> 		the LZW .a and includes
> 		requires libmagick-lzw
> 	imagemagick:
> 		the executables and the www pages
> 		depends on libmagick or libmagick-lzw
> 		depends on various graphics libraries (libjpeg, etc...)
> What do you think of this scheme ?

I think you should provide a separate small library just for LZW,
and a stub version of that library with LZW removed. Provide an
lzw_is_available() function to let the software determine if it
can use LZW or not.

Thus, you would have these packages:


The lzw1 packages are probably small enough that they should include the
-dev functionality in the runtime package.


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