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Bug#4754: Missing geqn and gtbl symlinks

> Package: groff
> Version: 1.09-11
> Xman attempts to invoke `gtbl' and `geqn' and fails, as they don't
> exist. Providing gtbl and geqn symlinks fixes the problem.
> (Reporting this against groff rather than xcontrib because the groff
> package has changed and xcontrib AFAIK hasn't.)
We had this discussion a long time ago when I still maintained X and
we agreed that the Right Thing(tm) to do is fixing xman.
xman assumes that linux uses groff & friends always installed with
g-prefix. As we decided to have them (more traditional) installed
wiht the standard names the tools have on all unix systems - well, we 
do not call ls gls either - all debian packages should take care of

BTW, didn't we have a groff 1.10 package? If not, are there causes not to
use groff 1.10?


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