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boot-floppies package snapshot uploaded

After about a month of downtime due to my moving my residence, I have my
home computer booted again.

I have uploaded a copy of my current development of boot-floppies, it is
in my home directory on "master". Now we can all be in phase. Lots more needs
to be done to that package. Feel free to experiment. There's no reason we can't
try more than one set of installation disks, and at this point that would
be more productive than arguing about them.

As soon as I can I will be uploading "initial-passwd", which takes over the
passwd and group files from the base. This is so that some kind soul
can take over the task of administrating uid and gids. Also a postinst that
could merge the new uids into existing passwd files might be useful - I'm
not sure if it's a good idea or if we should let the user do that manually.

I'm fighting a fire at Pixar, so I could be delayed a few days. I'll probably
work all weekend.

In private correspondence Lars made the point that free software is supposed
to be fun. Let's make sure we are all enjoying this - there is no reason to
do it otherwise.


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