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Re: Questions regarding the base system

> a full liloconfig menue will look like this:
> --------------------------------
>  root-fs is on: hda2
>  found devices: hda hdb
>     bootdevice: hda
> active/default: hda2
> Choose one of the following boot-methods
>  e      Use [e]xisting /etc/lilo.conf.
>  s *    Install /boot/mbr.b as a [s]imple boot manager in /dev/hda
>         and install lilo in the root-fs boot sector /dev/hda2.
>  b *    Install lilo in the root-fs [b]oot sector /dev/hda2.
>  m *    Install lilo in the [m]aster boot record /dev/hda.
>  a      [A]ctivate the root partition /dev/hda2 w/o installing a bootloader.
>  q      [Q]uit without changing anything.
> (* marks methods which create a new /etc/lilo.conf.)
> (Changed configuration will be backuped to /etc/lilo.conf.OLD.)
> (Before liloconfig runs lilo, you are always asked to edit/view lilo.conf.)
> Press (esbmaq) or ? for help [e]:

I'd suggest you put this behind the "Advanced configuration" menu item.
This is very complicated for a beginning linux user, who probably has
little context to go with of the items you present in this menu.
For example, they don't know what LILO, mbr.b, activating a partition,
or a Master Boot Record is. They would very much prefer you to take care
of these details for them.

The "Make the Hard Disk Bootable" menu item should be something much

If Linux is on the first disk, install an MBR ("Generic" or
"MBR", you choose, don't make the user choose). Install LILO on the
partition, and set the partition active.

If Linux is on the second disk, install LILO on the Master Boot Record,
or (I would much prefer) install something on the MBR that will chain to
LILO on its partition on the second disk.

To reiterate, your approach so far appears tailored for the advanced
user. We need something that the novice can operate, too.


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