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Re: Questions regarding the base system

Christoph Lameter:
> I looked at the base system and I think we should remove adduser from it.
> I dont think it is essential to be able to add users in a  minimal system.
> It is needed right now just to create one initial user.
> Perhaps we could live without it?

If adduser is removed from base, then the same functionality needs to
be added in some other way. Given that we're going to incorporate
shadow some day soon, is it a good idea to duplicate functionality?

> Why is the MBR package in the base system? 

I would guess that it is there so that it can be installed in the
hard disks boot sector. Not every hard disk has a boot program already

> I am not very clear on the reason why there is fdflush and update? Do not
> both do the same thing?

fdflush is needed because some floppy drives do not notice that the
disk has changed. It is fairly common. fdflush makes the kernel
think the disk did change. update just writes out dirty disk buffers
in the background. It's not related to fdflush.

> Would it be possible to generate a standard.tar.gz like a base.tar.gz
> containing all standard packages?

That would be big. Not everyone wants everything "standard".

> And an optional.tar.gz with all optional packages in it?

That would be huge. Very few people want everything "optional".

Rewriting dselect would be a better idea for what I think you
want to get done here.

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