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Bug#4667: popclient argument/poprc processing

> While trying out popclient 3.05 I found some bugs in the command line
> argument / poprc processing. The patches I made are included at the
> bottom of this mail. Some items addressed there:

Popclient is obsolete.  You might want to pick up a copy of the sources
for its descendant, fetchmail, from my home page.
> o poprc options nokeep, noflush, nofetchall:
> 	These options didn't change the (true) defaults because bison
> 	silently ignores a 0 value of a token, and so flex returned a
> 	non-0 value for ``FALSE'' (token in poprc_y.y). 

This bug was still present in fetchmail, thanks!
> o --norewrite (command line):
> 	The default was _not_ to rewrite sender's addresses because it's
> 	impossible in the current program structure to implement a
> 	non-zero default for a flag. I changed this flag to --rewrite
> 	(unset by default), so one can enable rewriting if desired.

I had already spotted this and fixed it in a different way.
> o poprc option mda:
> 	The internal variable char *mda_argv[] is limited to 32 entries,
> 	but there was no test for index overflow while parsing the mda
> 	option. While it's unlike to need as much arguments, it's of
> 	potential danger for a program that may be installed setuid
> 	root.
> 	There are some more problems with mda mentioned in the BUGS
> 	section of the man page now. 
> 	The arguments are printed now on --version.

The mda option is gone from fetchmail -- its only delivery mode is
SMTP.  This means your fetched mail comes to you through the system MDA
exactly like `real' TCP/IP mail.
	<a href="http://www.ccil.org/~esr/home.html";>Eric S. Raymond</a>

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