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Bug#4665: dip compiled w/out IP accounting

Package: netstd
Version: 2.07-1

/usr/sbin/dip is compiled on a system w/out IP accounting (i.e.
CONFIG_IP_ACCT undefined in /usr/include/linux/autoconf.h). Therefore
even on systems _with_ IP accounting dip won't output any statistics
aside from the online time. 

W/out IP accounting you get log's (on the client side) like
	Oct  1 17:37:52 foo dip[10236]: root down CSLIP link to remote
			bar/ [online 97s]

With IP accounting, you get e.g.
	Oct  1 17:10:35 foo dip[9529]: root down CSLIP link to remote
	Oct  1 17:10:36 foo dip[9529]: Total online:1133s  in:396Kb 1810 pkts;
			out:57192 bytes 1250 pkts


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