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Re: GNU libc, crypt and legal stuff..


| Until now, the Linux community has always ignored
| the problem with the crypt() function; it is part
| of the Linux library, both the source and binary
| releases but _officially_ you are *not* allowed to
| export this from the US!

Do we know this to be true?  I'm not up to speed on
this, but I thought I'd read that export was ok
when used for authentication (as opposed to
message encryption) -- which would seem to cover
crypt() as used re /etc/passwd &tc.

Personally, given that nobody has bugged Linux
yet on this issue, that PRO-CODE seems to be
doing well in Congress, and that the megacorps
tend to dictate US policy in the end and seem
pretty firmly supportive of legislation that
lets them ship good crypto so they (e.g.,
Microsoft, Netscape...) can compete in overseas
markets, I be inclined to ignore this until
it blows over or someone official complains.

But I'm not running the site in question :)


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