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How to kill a process...

Hi everyone...

I've got this niggley problem - I turned process accounting off last night
so I could rm /var/account/pacct as it was 80meg so I could get some space
back.  I basically did a rm and waited, and waited and waited.  In fact it
took forver.  Convinced that it was taking too long to delete I killed my
session nad logged back in - there was no file in there anymore, and I had
the space back - however I'm left with this process:

root      9472 75.5  0.0   788    28  ?  R    01:22 461:28 (rm)

All attempts and all signals sent to it including -9 haven't killed it.  Has
anyone got some suggestions other than rebooting? :-)



Karl Ferguson, 
Tower Networking Pty Ltd (ACN: 072 322 760)        karl@tower.net.au
t/a STAR Online Services                           karl@debian.org
Tel: +61-9-455-3446  Fax: +61-9-455-2776           http://www.star.net.au/

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