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Bug#4607: passwd segfaults if no finger info specified

Package: passwd
Revision: 1.0-5

On one of my systems, passwd will segmentation fault after entering
the new password if no finger information is present for the user
in /etc/passwd. Typescript:

Script started on Sat Sep 28 00:28:35 1996
> passwd
Current password: 
New password (? for help): 
Segmentation fault
> ^Dexit

Script done on Sat Sep 28 00:28:46 1996

A user entry from /etc/passwd;


when hamish changes his password, passwd will segfault as above.
No problem if root changes hamish's password.
I am unable to duplicate this on my own Debian system.

passwd is 1.0-5, libc is 5.2.18-9.

Hamish Moffatt,

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