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More dpkg stuff

I see from Heiko Schlitterman's patch that he's added an option to
change the architecture in the name of the .changes file made by

Why was this done ?

I'm also not convinced that his implementation of the way -m and so
forth are handled by dpkg-buildpackage will work if the values contain
spaces.  Please test this, and if it doesn't work go back to the way I
intended doing it, with `set' and `"$@"'.

I see also from his patch that he's removed the commentary about not
using `su' in dpkg-buildpackage, but failed to change the formal
specification of what happens.  That this has happened is because the
new way doesn't have a sensible formal specification, of course.  As I
said, please put it back the way it was and fix su instead of

His patch to convert backslashes will allow me to make a Debian source
package which will execute a command of my choice when unpacked.  This
needs to be fixed.  Use of Perl's `eval' on the filename which came
out of tar is not safe.

Regarding the other changes: the fixes to hardlink handling, Karl
Sackett's error message bugfix, dpkg-name being moved and the changes
from mv to mv -f in some places are fine.  Thank you.

Sorry if I seem ungrateful - I'm not.  It's just that I have some
definite ideas about the way certain things ought to be done -
argument unparsing and the handling of arguments with spaces and so
forth is one of them, and security aspects are another.  I'd like to
see the dpkg tools continue to be consistent with my goals of being
secure and sane in the face of arguments which contain any characters.


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