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Re: Maintainer needed for "adduser"

On Thu, 26 Sep 1996, Emilio Lopes wrote:

> Hi!
> Can I make some suggestions for adduser? Here they go...
> 1- Is it possible to make adduser NIS aware? If the the machine is a
> NIS client it could warn about adding users to that machine only. If
> the machine is a NIS server, it could run "make" in "/var/nis/...".
That should be done. Forward that to maor who is now the maintainer.
> 2- Maybe adduser could have an option to automatically generate a
> password. There is a debian package (passwdgen or pwgen or genpw or
> something like that) that can be used to generate them. If convenient,
> this package could even be made part of adduser.
pwgen was debianized by me. You can do

adduser --password `pwgen 8` --gecos "Hugo Smilie" hsmilie

with adduser 2.11. The functionality you want is already there.

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