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Bug#4596: /dev/MAKEDEV: cyclades update

Package: base
Version 1.1.0-14

[Originally reported by Bernard Leach <leachbj@cs.latrobe.edu.au> on 
the minor device numbers for the cyclades devices have changed;
see kernel sources drivers/char/README.cyclomY

Here's a patch for our MAKEDEV:
--- CUT ME ---
diff -r base-1.1.0.orig//prototype/dev/MAKEDEV base-1.1.0/prototype/dev/MAKEDEV
> # - the various READMEs in the kernel source may contain more up to date
> #   information than "Linux Allocated Devices", which is not incorporated here
> #   yet
< 			makedev ttyC$i c $major1 `math 32 + $i` $tty
< 			makedev cub$i c $major2 `math 32 + $i` $dialout
> 			makedev ttyC$i c $major1 $i $tty
> 			makedev cub$i c $major2 $i $dialout
--- OUCH! ---

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