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Bug#4594: VIM: no help, no conffiles

jdassen@wi.leidenuniv.nl (J.H.M.Dassen) wrote:
>Package: vim
>Version: 4.4-1
>/usr/doc/vim/vim_tips.txt.gz explains how to make vim function with
>compressed helpfiles (which are gzipped as per the guidelines)
>in the section "Compressing the help files".
>However, this vim package doesn't use this tip:

That'll teach me not to package up something without R'ingTFM :-)

>Also, /usr/doc/vim/changelog.debian.gz says:
>  * redirected global vimrc/gvimrc to /etc
>but the package doesn't include these files at all. It should include
>at least empty versions of them, as conffiles.

Fair comment, I'd guess. I'll fiddle around when I get time; unfortunately,
I've got lab work and assignments coming out of my ears at the moment. :-(
(Ah, university...what fun.)

I appreciate the bug report.

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