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Bug#4585: passwd is not NIS compatible

On Wed, 25 Sep 1996, Dominik Kubla wrote:

> It happens when passwd encounters a "+kubla" entry (without colons).
> Then it will insert something like:
> +kubla:(null):5999:103:(null):(null):(null)
> chosing apparently random values for uid/gid. The installed libc version
> is 5.2.18-11.

According to passwd(5), an entry of `+kubla' is illegal.  You must
specify all 7 fields, so you should use `+kubla::::::'.  All NIS
documentation I've seen says to use the colons.

If you really think getpwent(3) and fgetpwent(3) should behave properly
when presented with corrupt lines (presumably filling the remaining
entries with "" or 0), then I'll refile the bug to libc5.  Otherwise
I'll close it.


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