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First draft outline for my EurOpen.SE talk

Also included below, this one time.

   Topic: Linux in general and Debian in particular.
   Time: about two hours (including pauses?).
   Utilities: overhead, possibly a computer.
   Audience: about 200 people, admin types
    1. Introduction
          + overview of talk
          + my background, briefly
    2. Linux
          + Linux is a free (GPL) Unix-like kernel, written by LT
          + Interesting features:
               o multi-platform: Intel, Alpha, Motorol 68K, Sparc,
                 PowerPC, ...
               o loadable modules
               o good memory management
               o a little SMP support
               o lots of drivers
               o all the usual Unix stuff
          + Distributions
               o Linus does the kernel only (and not all of that)
               o Other people package the kernel + other programs +
                 installation tools and instructions = distribution
               o Debian, Red Hat, Slackware, Yggdrasil, and many others
               o Mostly the same programs, but big differences in
          + Commercial interest
               o Caldera
               o Ports of commercial programs: ...
               o Native commercial programs: ...
          + Support
               o The Net: WWW, newsgroups, mailing lists, irc
               o Linux Documentation Project: free books
                    # Installation and Getting Started, by Matt Welsh
                    # Network Administrators' Guide, by Olaf Kirch
                    # System Administrators' Guide, by Lars Wirzenius
                    # Programmers' Guide (?)
                    # Users' Guide (?)
                    # FAQ's and HOWTO's, by lots of people
                    # from the net and commercially
               o Commercial books
                    # Running Linux, by Matt Welsh and Lar Kaufmann
               o Linux Journal
               o From commercial distributors for money: ...
          + Plans for future
               o better SMP support
               o keep ahead of the pack
          + Contact info
               o http://www.linux.org/
               o http://sunsite.unc.edu/~mdw/linux/
    3. Debian
          + How Debian is different
               o goals: free, best, can be used as a base
               o volunteer project
               o packaging system
               o bug database
          + The packaging system
               o best of all the free ones, possibly of all
               o extensive use of dependencies
               o multiple levels of dependencies
               o both source and binary packages
               o multi-platform support
          + Available packages
               o The base system
               o main/contrib/non-free
               o admin, comm, devel, doc, editors, games, graphics, mail,
                 math, misc, net, news, shells, sound, tex, text, x11
               o all of the usual freeware stuff: gcc, Emacs, TeX,
                 XFree86, ...
               o very little commercial stuff
          + History
               o started by Ian M in 199x
               o support from the FSF
               o version 1.1 in June, 1996
          + Plans for future
               o to boldly go, where no distribution has gone before
          + Contact info
               o http://www.debian.org/
    4. Why Linux? Why Debian?
          + ?

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