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Bug#4561: dpkg-genchanges puts bad Maintainer: in changes file

Yves Arrouye wrote:
:    I think the solution is in dpkg-genchanges(1):
: 	  -Dfield=value
: 		 Override or add an output control file field.  This
: 		 option   is   understood   by   dpkg-source,  dpkg-
: 		 gencontrol and dpkg-genchanges.
: Or -m"My Name <email@mailname>". Yes. But it would be nice to get it
: from the control file anyway.

Hm -- I don't understand ... :-/ what's wrong?

If I  (ok, using the unrelesed (yet) dpkg-

        dpkg-buildpackge -m'me and you'

'me and you' is listed as the maintainer in the .changes file.
Otherwise the name and address from the most recent entry in the
debian/changelog file.

The .deb files nevertheless carry the maintainer from the debian/control

(Think it would be nice to have something like:

Maintainer: <from control file>
Changes-By: <from debian/changelog>

both in .deb and .changes, perhaps in .dsc as well (for debian only

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