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Bug#3087: acknowledged by developer (was: Bug in date.) (fwd)

Guy Maor said:
> >>I am closing this bug report because setting the motherboard clock is
> >>not the responsibility of date(1), nor is it the responsibility of the
> >>date(1) man page to mention the motherboard clock.

[some disagreement about the purpose of 'date' deleted]

I was closing a lot of old/obsolete bugs which seemed to have been fixed but
not closed, or not closed when consensus was reached among those involved in
the discussion. I closed this one because the discussion about it seemed to
have died off, with there being a greater opinion on the side of leaving
'date' alone rather than changing it.

If someone wants to reopen the bug, they should feel free to do so. However,
it would be nice if this time, after discussion ended, the bug report were
closed one way or the other.

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