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Bug#4523: strace and I/O errors

You (Ian Jackson) wrote:
> Please do not apply Frank Neumann's patch.

Hmm, I must have missed something here.

> This will break strace on systems where mmap on /proc/<pid>/mem is
> prohibited except to root.  (This restriction is part of a security
> measure which should be supported, given the history of horrible
> security holes with /proc.)

This was only the case in a few 2.0.x releases. Later versions have this
fixed; mmap on /proc/pid/mem is allowed if you are ptrace'ing the process
(since the PTRACE_ATTACH already did the nessecary persission checks)
so strace works again.

I don't know what the Debian-1.1.8 kernel does (2.0.6 right?) I think
we should have a 2.0.21 kernel for Debian-1.1.9 (boot floppy and kernel

This fixed a hole that has been in Linux up to 2.0.1 or so (including
1.2.13, 1.0.9 etc) where _anyone_ can become root with a simple exploit
program. When 2.0.x becomes stable, perhaps I'll post the exploit program
so that everyone _has_ to upgrade..

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