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Re: Bug#4471: isp-ppp needs conflicts:ppp

Ok. Section 8.3 of the manual regarding Replace:

If one package is to be installed, the other must be removed first - if
the package being installed is marked as replacing (Replaces - overwriting
files and replacing packages, section 8.5)
the one on the system, or the one on the system is marked as deselected,
or both packages are marked Essential, then dpkg will automatically remove
the package which is causing
the conflict, otherwise it will halt the installation of the new package
with an error.

Somewhat cryptic but I think it supports my view of Replaces:

> > > > I thought the "Replaces:" implied the removal of the package before
> > > > installation?
> > > 
> > > No, that's Conflicts:. Replaces: says that the package will replace some  
> > > files of the other package, and that dpkg is not to complain.
> > That is a rather weird interpretation.
> > Replaces: causes the automatic removal of a package
> ... When used together with Conflicts:. Otherwise Kai is right.

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