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Bug#4525: dpkg-buildpackage assumes file protections and shoots self in foot

Karl Sackett wrote:
: Package: dpkg-dev
: Version: 1.4.0
: The umask for my account is set to 077.  Those portions of dpkg-buildpackage
: which run as root create files with protection set to 600 and owned by
: root.root.  Because of this, the non-root portions of dpkg-buildpackage
: cannot access the files debian/files and debian/substvars, generate error
: messages saying these files cannot be found, and dpkg-buildpackage dies.

Hmm, should the root portions change the umask before creating any
files?  (I think, it's no good idea.)

My debian/rules contain

        chmod -R u=rwX,go=rX debian
        chown -R root.root debian

BTW, if the files already exist, the mode shouldn't get changed, does
it?  (What happens if you touch debian/files debian/substvars and chmod
'em rw-r--r--?)

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