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Bug#4476: Remove "error-message activism" :-)

Package: xpdf
Version: 0.5-0

More of a misfeature than a bug.

There is an error message that pops up when xpdf tries to open an
encrypted PDF file.  It complains that Adobe has not released decryption
specs to developers, and implores the user to e-mail Adobe to complain.

The latest information at the xpdf home page states that Adobe has
finally released the decryption specs.  It also says that a new version
of xpdf is in the works, but its release is uncertain.

It might be wise to change the error message until a new version of xpdf
is released by the author.  Just a polite gesture more than anything
else. :-)

This is the error message in question:

Error (0): PDF file is encrypted and cannot be displayed
Error (0): * Please send email to devsup-person@adobe.com and ask
Error (0): * them to prove that PDF is truly an open standard by
Error (0): * releasing the decryption specs to developers.  Also,
Error (0): * please send email to the person responsible for this
Error (0): * file (webmaster@... might be a good place) and ask
Error (0): * them to stop using encrypted PDF files.

Larry Gilbert, technical support (Bess & Rainier.Net)

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