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Re: Bug#4446: usr/games/fortune needs recompilation

On Tue, 10 Sep 1996 Dirk.Eddelbuettel@qed.econ.queensu.ca wrote:

>   Buddha> The executable should be recompiled.  There are a few outstanding
>   Buddha> bugs on the fortune package, some dating back over a year, that
>   Buddha> could easily be fixed by a repackaging.  I could be wrong, but it
>   Buddha> seems as if the maintainer has abandoned it.

Buddha: Read the policy.html to find information about updates by other
than the current maintainer. Then contribute an upgrade to the fortune
package. I will be happy to provide whatever assistance you may need, if
it is within my skill level.

>   Raul> More likely, he's waiting for the new package specification issues to
>   Raul> settle out.

The new package specifications are available in any of the most recent
dpkg packages. Between the policy and the programmers manuals (in html)
there is now a manual for everyone to read. The new source package
management scheme is easy to convert to, and a dream to execute. One
command builds everything you will need to upload including signed changes
and Debian Source Control files (.dsc). I am sure that there are, as yet
unanswered questions about the implementation. But so far all my
conversions are going "by the book".

> Excuse my French, but that is bullshit. 
Excuse me?! I don't know much French, but I do know that that is not
French!  ;-)

> He had six months to do an Elf release when our guidelines were unchanged.
> Moreover, both formats are currently allowed, you he could use the old one if
> need be.
No comment... I mean, This space intentionaly left blank.

> Aout needs to be extinguished soon rather than later.
True, however, like the ext file system, it will be supported (at least in
the kernel) for quite some time (read forever...).



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