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automated uploading to chiark.

Hello you out there,

for you in Europe, using chiark as relay to master.debian.org ... since
the procedure of uploading to Incoming and moving to ../queue is
somewhat error prone, I've written a little perl script (using
ftp.pl and lchat.pl from the mirror package) to do this
for me.

If somebody is interested in, please mail me.


        * using *.changes file to determine the files to be
        * checking the md5 sums before starting further processing
        * logging of uploads (preventing duplicated uploads)
        * moving around on the ftp server, if necessary
        * sending mail to debian-changes after
          completed upload of every package

        * not too smart about several directories (for now you'll 
          have to put the files (*.changes, *.diff.gz, *.deb,  ...)
          into the directory where you'll fire up `upload'
        * not too (to none) smart about locating the *ftp.pl and
          *chat.pl modules.  (Will be fixed soon.)

email : heiko@lotte.sax.de heiko@debian.org heiko@sax.de
pgp   : A1 7D F6 7B 69 73 48 35  E1 DE 21 A7 A8 9A 77 92 
finger: heiko@sax.sax.de         heiko@master.debian.org

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