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Bug#4426: gcc bug #2

Mark Eichin writes:
> If you've upgraded the gcc package to, then yes, gnat won't
> work.  I suppose the next gnat package I release should have some sort
> of exact-match dependency to avoid this problem, or it should drop the
> override altogether

Please don't override the gcc from the gcc package in any case.
Instead, please send me the appropriate files to make the normal gcc
Ada-aware.  Look at how fortran is handled in the current gcc package.

> (perhaps supplying an ada-gcc executable, which
> would fail to compile C code if the gcc installation didn't
> match... making it *much* clearer where the blame belongs.)

This is probably a good idea.  Gcc's handling of compiler versions is
nice for C, C++ and ObjC, since they are fully integrated, but it
breaks down horribly for other languages because of different release

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