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Re: Bug#4440: recommended package ftape not available

On Sun, 8 Sep 1996, Barak Pearlmutter wrote:

> The taper package recommends the ftape package, which is not available
> (at least on the cdrom distribution I have, or on the debian archives
> I searched.)
> Since ftape is covered by the GPL, if it is recommended then it should
> be provided.  Unless it is bug ridden --- in which case naive users
> should not be recommended to seek it out, and instead an explanatory
> warning should be given.  Or if it integrated into Linux 2.x kernels,
> then perhaps the recommendation should be deleted, or perhaps the
> kernel package should provide ftape.

Ftape is now integrated into the linux kernel, so yes, it is provided (tho
it might be nice if someone generates a ftape package with some ftape
utility programs in it that don't come with the kernel, but are in the
ftape package).

Anyhow, I'm the new maintainer for taper, and I've fixed this bug
(previously reported as #3115), by removing the ftape dependency from
taper. So I'm closing this bug report. The new version of taper,
taper_6.7.4-1, will be available as part of debian soon, until then, you
can get it at ftp://kite.preferred.com/pub/code/debian/

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