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Bug#4449: dselect feedback missing

Package: dpkg
Version: 1.2.14elf

When you go through lots of dselect work editing the package selection
menu, then you're done (whew!) and you hit the big INSTALL button ...

before dselect goes ahead and installs stuff, it should give you a
very short description of what it's about to do, and give you a chance
to back out if you want.  Eg:

    The following will be installed:
     foo-1.1-1a, bar-2.2-2b, taper-6.2-1
    and the following will be upgraded to new versions:

    lyx-0.9.23-1 recommends dvips, which is not installed, but is available.
    taper-6.2-1 recommends ftape, which is not available.


This is particularly important because the whole selection process is
succeptable to error, given the wealth of packages, one-keystroke
commands, modes, conflict resolutions, automatic posting of install
requests due to dependencies and recommendations, etc.

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