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Bug#4446: /usr/games/fortune needs recompilation

Package: fortune
Version: 2.1-1

The /usr/games/fortune executable is a.out rather than ELF.  Either a
dependency upon the old a.out libraries should be added, or the
executable should be recompiled.

$ ldd /usr/games/fortune 
        libc.so.4 (DLL Jump 4.5pl26) => not found

$ file /usr/games/fortune
/usr/games/fortune: setuid Linux/i386 demand-paged executable (QMAGIC)

$ ls -l /usr/games/fortune
-rwsr-xr-x   1 games    root        29198 Jan  3  1995 /usr/games/fortune

$ file /bin/cat
/bin/cat:           ELF 32-bit LSB executable, Intel 80386, version 1, stripped

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