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Bug#4366: Kernel headers should be a symlink

Soren Juul Moller wrote:
: Package: kernel-source
: Version: 2.0.6
: The kernel headers /usr/include/{linux,asm,scsi,net} should
: be a symlink to /usr/src/linux/{linux,asm,scsi,net} and
: not installed as "real" files. Or maybe something like
: /lib/modules/current?
: When compiling a new kernel version, one often forgets to
: update the kernel headers. I did.

And did it some harm?  The kernel headers below /usr/include 
are (should be) the headers most close to libc.  The headers below
/usr/src/linux are really kernel related and should be used for
compilation of KERNEL parts (as driver modules and so on) while the
other (libc related) under /usr/include should be used only for 
constants and #defines.  As far as I got told when I had a similar
question.  And now I think, it's quite acceptable.

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