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Bug#4398: dpkg broken???

Package: dpkg
Maintainer: Ian Jackson <ian@chiark.chu.cam.ac.uk>
Version: 1.3.14

I think dpkg may be broken -- when installing dvipsk it seems to
either ignore or eat some files in the deb file.  I manually unpacked
the dvipsk.deb file with dpkg-deb --extract, and the config.ps file
was there.  Yet when I install it with dpkg -i, it either isn't
unextracted or it gets removed.  The dvipsk postinst just calls

[lestat:/usr/lib/texmf/dvips]# dpkg -i ~debian/tex/dvipsk_5.58f-5.deb 
(Reading database ... 32822 files and directories currently installed.)
Preparing to replace dvipsk 5.58f-5 (using .../debian/tex/dvipsk_5.58f-5.deb) ...
Unpacking replacement dvipsk ...
Setting up dvipsk (5.58f-5) ...

[lestat:/usr/lib/texmf/dvips]# dpkg --search config.ps
dvipsk: /usr/lib/texmf/dvips/config.ps
[lestat:/usr/lib/texmf/dvips]# ls -l config.ps
ls: config.ps: No such file or directory

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