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Unanswered problem reports by maintainer and package

The following problem reports have not yet been marked as `taken up' by a
message to done@bugs.debian.org or or `forwarded' by a
message to forwarded@bugs.debian.org.

The maintainer listed against each package is derived from the Maintainer
field of the package as found in the development tree; there is an override
file that can be amended to get the right results if you have taken over a
package and do not expect to issue a new version soon.

Variant versions of the Maintainer field for the same actual package
maintainer will be listed separately.

Maintainers with few outstanding bugs appear first, to avoid those with few
bugs being lost deep in the message.

 Package     Ref    Subject

Stuart Lamble <lamble@yoyo.cc.monash.edu.au (1 bugs):
 unzip        4314  unzip is missing > in Maintainer field

Michael Meskes <meskes@debian.org> (1 bugs):
 lyx          4362  lyx should have `section: contrib'

Martin Schulze <joey@namib.north.de> (1 bugs):
 zoo          3961  14 character file name limit in zoo

Nikhil Nair <nnair@debian.org> (1 bugs):
 gnuchess     4123  "gnuchess" requires changes for multi-arch support

Shaya Potter <spotter@itd.nrl.navy.mil> (1 bugs):
 xanim        4286  "xanim" requires changes for multi-arch support

Dirk Eddelbuettel <edd@qed.econ.queensu.ca> (1 bugs):
 xpdf         4390  xpdf doesn't set itself up to be launched

Stuart Lamble <lamble@yoyo.cc.monash.edu.au> (1 bugs):
 fsp          4359  fsp logging is buggy

Karl Ferguson <karl@tower.net.au> (1 bugs):
 unarj        3641  unarj description: ext start indented, summary starts w/ pk

bcwhite@pobox.com (Brian C. White) (1 bugs):
 gnats        3053  gnats: typo in postinst omits install-info

David Frey <David.Frey@eos.lugs.ch> (1 bugs):
 rpncalc      4156  rpncalc has unexecutable unwriteable /usr/man, /usr/man/man

Mike Coleman <coleman@chez-gnu.cstp.umkc.edu> (1 bugs):
 nn           4181  Searching for wrong active file

mitchell@mdd.comm.mot.com (Bill Mitchell) (1 bugs):
 elv-ctags    2503  elvis and emacs both provide ctags

Manoj Srivastava <srivasta@debian.org> (1 bugs):
 kernel-pac   4234  errors in /usr/man/man8/make-kpkg.8

Brian White <bcwhite@verisim.com> (1 bugs):
 ferret       4164  Ferret extended description has blank lines

Brian Sulcer <bsulcer@pobox.com> (1 bugs):
 mgt          4023  "mgt" requires changes for multi-arch support

Susan Kleinmann <sgk@tiac.net> (1 bugs):
 sp           4102  sp and LaTeX problems

adfernan@cnd.mcgill.ca (Andrew D. Fernandes) (2 bugs):
 acs          3559  acs description: no ext
 acs          3851  "acs" requires changes to support multiple arches

Leland Lucius <llucius@millcomm.com> (2 bugs):
 dialog       2591  rootdisk
 dialog       3514  Required package modconf depends on extra package dialog

Manoj Srivastava <srivasta@pilgrim.umass.edu> (2 bugs):
 make         4073  make pattern rules delete intermediate files
 make         4374  New make released

Martin Schulze <joey@linux.de> (2 bugs):
 sysklogd     4163  syslogd loops
 sysklogd     4228  syslogd loops

Karl Sackett <krs@caos.aamu.edu> (2 bugs):
 exmh         3824  exmh fails to start
 xpostitplu   4101  xpostitplus loses previous postit notes

Siggy Brentrup <bsb@uni-muenster.de> (2 bugs):
 electric-f   3582  electric-fence description: no ext
 electric-f   4045  "electric-fence" requires changes for multi-arch support

Anders Christrom <ac@netg.se> (2 bugs):
 lists.debi   3199  Bizarre message from debian-devel-request@lists.debian.org
 lists.debi   3978  problem (re)subscribing to debian-devel

Kenneth MacDonald <K.MacDonald@ed.ac.uk> (2 bugs):
 ispell       2425  ispell thinks `formated' is correct
 ispell       3196  ispell symlinks broken

Ray Dassen <jdassen@wi.leidenuniv.nl> (2 bugs):
 www.debian   3431  some packages have no information on WWW-server
 www.debian   3700  Web pages lack <LINK REV="MADE" ...>

Christian Linhart <chris@debian.org> (2 bugs):
 xarchie       887  xarchie barfs when ftp closes unexpectedly
 xarchie      1275  xarchie clumsy with 2-button mouse

Steven B Dunham <dunham@gdl.msu.edu> (2 bugs):
 hdparm       2197  hdparm -c switch
 hdparm       3866  "hdparm" requires changes to support multiple arches

Jeroen van der Most <jvdmost@wi.leidenuniv.nl> (2 bugs):
 dmalloc      3925  "dmalloc" requires changes for multi-arch support
 dmalloc      4275  "dmalloc" requires changes for multi-arch support

Martin Schulze <joey@office.individual.net> (2 bugs):
 msql         4297  msql 1.0.16 cannot connect to remote DBs
 msqld        4254  msql config problems

Wichert Akkerman <wakkerma@wi.leidenuniv.nl> (2 bugs):
 grep         4182  grep on /proc/kcore dumps core
 strace       2177  "strace -ff -o file dpkg --install foo.deb" causes dpkg to 

Joe Kirby <kirby@utk.edu> (2 bugs):
 lxtools      3096  lxtools: user error (misuse of -r and filename) gives cored
 lxtools      3621  lxtools description: no ext

dgregor@gregor.com (D.J. Gregor) (2 bugs):
 cdtool       2450  `cdir' prints out huge chunks of /etc/passwd !
 unclutter    4042  "unclutter" requires changes for multi-arch support

Raul Miller <moth@firefly.com> (3 bugs):
 sam          4030  "sam" requires changes for multi-arch support
 ucbmpeg      3454  ucbmpeg control file problems
 ucbmpeg      3509  mpeg_play puts bogus statistics on stdout

Kenny Wickstrom <kenny@kennet.com> (3 bugs):
 tin          3787  tin uses /etc/news/descriptions instead of /etc/news/newsgr
 tin          3942  tin cannot find Newsgroup Descriptions
 tin          4227  Tin  TIN_NOVROOTDIR wrong value for tin

Anders Chrigstrom <ac@netg.se> (3 bugs):
 bison        3955  yacc script uses $* instead of "$@"
 bison        4052  access permissions for /usr/bin/{mkparser, mkparserclass}
 bison        4232  bison dumps core

Michael Alan Dorman <mdorman@debian.org> (3 bugs):
 lrzsz        4075  Possible security problem with lrzsz
 mingetty     3362  Problems encountered while compiling "mingetty" for m68k ar
 ncftp        4272  ncftp dumps core when xterm window is too wide

mrn20@cam.ac.uk (Michael R. Nonweiler) (3 bugs):
 ipx          2913  ipx bootup scripts are broken
 ipx          3592  ipx description: no ext
 ncpfs        3630  ncpfs description: summary starts w/ pkg name

Rob Browning <osiris@cs.utexas.edu> (3 bugs):
 gimp-smoti   4303  config of gimp-smotif
 libwww-per   3611  libwww-perl description: no ext
 perl-tk      4068  pgs in perl-tk does not work

Mark Eichin <eichin@cygnus.com> (3 bugs):
 dlltools     3578  dlltools description: no ext
 xterm-colo   2710  colour xterm has problems when resizing
 xterm-colo   4105  making slrn work in a color xterm

Simon Shapiro <shimon@i-Connect.Net> (3 bugs):
 rc           3206  rc terminates on CTRL-C
 rc           3533  Problems encountered while building "rc" on m68k arch
 rc           3607  rc description: no ext

Maarten Boekhold <boekhold@cindy.et.tudelft.nl> (3 bugs):
 slrn         4069  slrn gives error
 slrn         4103  slrn epends on unavailable slang-lib09931
 slrn         4324  slrn misuses apostrophe

Ian Jackson <ijackson@chiark.chu.cam.ac.uk> (3 bugs):
 bugs.debia   2296  debian-bugs WWW doesn't say how to find out Debian version
 bugs.debia   2966  bugs2ftp is broken
 bugs.debia   2998  bugs2ftp still flaky

Alvar Bray <alvar@meiko.co.uk> (3 bugs):
 groff        2233  groff-1.09-4
 groff        2970  soelim [in groff] is confused by .so in macros definitions
 groff        4013  groff version is old

awpguy@acs.ucalgary.ca (Andy W.P. Guy) (4 bugs):
 dpkg-ftp     2870  dpkg-ftp-1.4.1 bug
 dpkg-ftp     2933  dpkg-ftp needs perl 5.002
 dpkg-ftp     4235  cpp, gcc, dpkg 
 dpkg-ftp     4241  Connect with nothing to do

Bernd Eckenfels <ecki@debian.org> (4 bugs):
 lilo         3247  Lilo unpack removes boot.b
 lilo         3761  LILO installation problem
 lilo         3772  lilo should not depend on MBR
 net-acct     4309  no manpage in net-acct

Doug Geiger <runexe@ntplx.net> (4 bugs):
 abuse        3963  abuse
 abuse        4096  abuse is still a.out
 apsfilter    3224  apsfilter doesn't configure on a read-only filesystem
 apsfilter    3812  Apsfilter should depend on file

Christophe Le Bars <clebars@debian.org> (4 bugs):
 xcoral       3654  xcoral description: summary starts w/ pkg name
 xcoral       4115  "xcoral" requires changes for multi-arch support
 xcoral       4159  xcoral dies
 xtel         4037  "xtel" requires changes for multi-arch support

Yves Arrouye <arrouye@debian.org> (4 bugs):
 libpaper     4125  libpaper should ask for papersize
 libpaper     4138  libpaper /usr/bin/paper is likely to have name clashes
 libpaper     4139  libpaper /etc/papersize is auto-handled conffile
 libpaper     4251  libpaper calls ldconfig in prerm/postrm script

jkr@master.debian.org (Jonathan K. Rabone) (4 bugs):
 trn           825  trn warning messages corrupt thread selector display
 trn          1845  dead.letter and dead.article are world readable
 trn          2298  trn bug with shell escaping
 trn          4344  trn should provide news-reader

Christian Hudon <chrish@debian.org> (4 bugs):
 termcap-co    836  Possible bugs in termcap system
 termcap-co   1045  tgetflag("hc") segfaults (fwd)
 termcap-co   1803  /etc/termcap linux definition incomplete
 termcap-co   3721  Problems while compiling "termcap-compat" on m68k arch

sgk@sgk.tiac.net ("Susan G. Kleinmann") (4 bugs):
 elv-vi       4034  "elvis" requires changes for multi-arch support
 elviscmn     3562  elviscmn description: no ext
 elvisctags   4016  ref not in elvisctags
 elvisnox     2592  Elvis Compilation Peoblem

Marcel Riedi <riedi@tik.ee.ethz.ch> (4 bugs):
 rsynth       2206  Description
 rsynth       3684  rsynth description: summary starts w/ pkg name, no ext
 rsynth       3932  "rsynth" requires changes for multi-arch support
 rsynth       4141  "say" is an a.out binary

Craig Sanders <cas@taz.net.au> (4 bugs):
 squid        3834  squid core dumps regularly
 squid        4334  squid should not run as root by default
 tkdesk       3640  tkdesk description: ext start indented
 tkdesk, tk   3842  tkdesksh grows really large

Gordon Russell <gor@dcs.napier.ac.uk> (5 bugs):
 setserial    2892  setserial marked as Essential when it isn't
 setserial    3638  setserial description: no ext
 setserial    3747  "setserial" doesn't support multiple architectures.
 setserial    3762  /etc/rc.boot/0setserial usually hangs machine
 setserial    3800  setserial should not be essential

Michael Nonweiler <mrn20@cam.ac.uk> (5 bugs):
 Umsdos       4067  Umsdos 0.8.4 needs upgrade.
 nas          1747  nas: no manpages for au available
 nas          3107  nas postinst could use a warning
 nas          3510  removal of nas doesn't kill 'au' daemon
 umsdos       3885  "umsdos' requires changes to support multiple arches

Wendal Catt <wendal@southwind.net> (5 bugs):
 procmail     3197  wrong uid/gid in /usr/doc/procmail
 procmail     3349  Problems encountered while compiling "procmail" for m68k ar
 procmail     3644  procmail description: no ext
 procmail     3705  procmail does close(-1)
 procmail     4092  procmail docs not owned by root

Otmar Lendl <lendl@cosy.sbg.ac.at> (5 bugs):
 cnews        3476  cnews description is gibberish
 cnews        3852  "cnews" requires changes to support multiple arches
 cnews, ine   3477  cnews and inews should be same package
 inews        3862  "inews" requires changes to support multiple arches
 nntp         3869  "nntp" requires changes to support multiple arches

gthomas@native-ed.bc.ca (Guy R. Thomas) (5 bugs):
 dld          1488  dld control file dsccription problem
 dld          2209  Description
 dld          2758  dld: missing source file
 dld          3572  dld description: ext start indented, summary starts w/ pkg 
 dld          3853  "dld" requires changes to support multiple arches

Dale Scheetz <dwarf@polaris.net> (6 bugs):
 gmp          4312  gmp should be dynamic lib
 pine         2365  Pine erases message before I can read it
 pine         2367  Pine supplies PATH line when posting news
 pine         3253  Pine over-encodes files (came from Bug#932)
 pine         4158  pine does not lock mailbox properly - loss of mail is likel
 pine         4339  no free pine package available

Guy Maor <maor@ece.utexas.edu> (6 bugs):
 bdflush      3554  bdflush description: summary starts w/ pkg name
 login        3227  login refuses, and then allows, root login on tty?
 login        3439  Login reconfigures serial port
 login        3775  upgrading login temporarily breaks it
 passwd       3408  Various bugs in passwd manpages
 passwd       3798  passwd should not be essential

dgregor@bronze.coil.com (D.J. Gregor) (6 bugs):
 workbone     1381  workbone postinst fails
 workbone     1973  workbone postinst needs rewording
 workbone     1984  dpkg won't install cdtool
 workbone     3382  workbone disappears during upgrade
 workbone     3664  workbone description: no ext
 workbone     3888  "workbone" requires changes to support multiple arches

Carl Streeter <streeter@cae.wisc.edu> (6 bugs):
 elm          2557  add to elm manpage
 elm          2562  elm manpage paths incorrect
 elm          2789  elm doesn't show rest of pgp-signed message
 elm          2991  nfrm is not installed...
 elm          3042  Elm produces bogus Content-Type header for PGP signed stuff
 elm          3707  Problems encountered while compiling "elm" on m68k arch

Richard Kettlewell <richard@elmail.co.uk> (6 bugs):
 itimer       4274  "itimer" requires changes for multi-arch support
 majordomo    1881  Majordomo UID wrong?
 majordomo    4325  majordomo -- incorrect quoting of '@'
 repair       1532  no revision number with repair
 vm           4031  "vm" requires changes for multi-arch support
 vm           4376  vm doesn't use /etc/emacs/site-start.d

Kevin Dalley <kevin@aimnet.com> (6 bugs):
 automake     3551  automake description: summary starts w/ pkg name
 dejagnu      3566  dejagnu description: summary starts w/ pkg name, no ext
 findutils    1239  /etc/cron.daily/find: updatedb doesn't exclude cdrom and ot
 findutils    3586  findutils description: no ext
 gwm          3594  gwm description: no ext
 oleo         3631  oleo description: no ext

debian-devel@pixar.com (6 bugs):
 general      2022  utmp corruption
 general      2481  /sbin/ldconfig in scripts
 general      2717  conffiles in /usr
 general      3066  a.out binaries in various packages
 general      3161  Newbie 1.1beta installation.
 general      4205  bind does not reinstall if /usr/sbin/bind was removed

dgregor@coil.com (D.J. Gregor) (6 bugs):
 biff         3915  "biff" requires changes for multi-arch support
 byacc        3361  Problems encountered while compiling "byacc" for m68k arch
 byacc        3567  byacc description: no ext
 xwpe         2486  Ghost packages
 xwpe         3675  xwpe description: no ext
 xwpe         4117  "xwpe" requires changes for multi-arch support

Dominik Kubla <Dominik.Kubla@Uni-Mainz.DE> (7 bugs):
 amd          3208  amd bug
 amd          4330  amd hangs system
 kbd          1901  `compose' keytable command not documented
 kbd          3988  Kbd: missing Dvorak keyboard maps.
 kbd          4258  kbd program can't use multiple sized fonts
 ptx          4157  `permutated' is not a word
 vlock        4170  vlock can make the system unusable

Erick Branderhorst <branderhorst@heel.fgg.eur.nl> (7 bugs):
 giftrans     3284  giftrans is free
 giftrans     3930  "giftrans" requires changes for multi-arch support
 info          889  Info 3.1-6
 ntgclass     3922  "ntgclass" requires changes for multi-arch support
 ntgclass     4280  "ntgclass" requires changes for multi-arch support
 untex        4038  "untex" requires changes for multi-arch support
 wenglish     3655  wenglish description: no ext

Martin Schulze <joey@debian.org> (7 bugs):
 manpages     2861  glob(3) references glob(7); the latter doesn't exist
 manpages     3165  fcntl(2) references nonexistent man pages
 manpages     4231  acct(2) man page refers to nonexistent acct(5) man page
 manpages     4327  hsearch(3) man page patches
 manpages     4352  stat(2) man page doesn't mention all error returns.
 manpages     4353  fcntl.2 references nonexistent manpage
 manpages-d   4193  German Manpages

Steve Phillips <sjp@cvfn.org> (8 bugs):
 adduser      1711  adduser replaces NIS entries in /etc/passwd
 adduser      2309  Multiple root accounts
 adduser      3490  adduser password-setting problem
 adduser      3794  adduser should not be essential
 adduser      3861  when adduser runs finger it display all users mathcing the 
 adduser      3878  adduser --home aborts if dir exists; man page implies other
 adduser      3879  adduser: man page has '=V' strings
 adduser? m   1708  `passwd' not interruptible when invoked by `adduser'

Yves Arrouye <Yves.Arrouye@marin.fdn.fr> (8 bugs):
 apache       2802  apache tweaks
 apache       2812  Apache server: SECURITY HOLE
 apache       2934  Some cgi scripts don't work
 apache       3384  apache leaves /var/log/httpd non-empty
 apache       3470  apache problems
 apache       3940  Apache's default index.html says "CERN"
 apache       3969  Apache 1.0.5 Security Hole
 apache       4310  index.html ist installed a+x

Peter Tobias <tobias@et-inf.fho-emden.de> (9 bugs):
 netstd       4091  Ftp does not wait for user answers on mget
 netstd       4132  Could popclient be changed to just read the passwd from std
 netstd       4236  ftp(1) barfs on QUOTE command
 netstd       4264  DIP/PPP support incorrect.
 netstd       4307  telnet and 256+ character pastes
 netstd       4380  crippled anon ftp
 netstd and   4319  netbase and netstd packages overwrite config-files
 tcpdump      3742  tcpdump doesn't notice icmp packets on PPP interface
 wu-ftpd      4331  [linux-security] [linux-alert] SECURITY FIX/UPDATE: anonftp

Dale Miller <dale@csd.uwo.ca> (10 bugs):
 lclint       3944  "lclint" requires changes for multi-arch support
 lclint       4165  LCLint extended description has one blank line 
 lclint       4171  "lclint" requires changes for multi-arch support
 lclint       4322  lclint postinst gives error if no site-start.el
 mailx        2009  mailx ignores ^C at Subject prompt
 mailx        2010  mailx misses VM-generated From_ lines
 mailx        2284  mailx ^C at Cc: prompt sends mail !
 mailx        2356  mailx -- problems with TMPDIR symlink
 mailx        2733  /usr/bin/mail leaves lock files when disk full
 mailx        2971  mailx doesn't quit on two successive C-c

Stephen Early <sde1000@cam.ac.uk> (10 bugs):
 xcompat      3246  Cant load library libXt.so.6
 xcompat      4130  Old motif applications don't run
 xcompat      4250  xcompat calls ldconfig in prerm/postrm script
 xcontrib     1981  xman fails to format ascii(7) correctly
 xcontrib     3857  listres dumps core
 xcontrib     3954  xload dont needs tu run suid
 xcontrib     4036  "xcontrib" requires changes for multi-arch support
 xcontrib     4087  xgc dumps core
 xsnow        4281  "xsnow" requires changes for multi-arch support
 xtrlock      4041  "xtrlock" requires changes for multi-arch support

Austin Donnelly <and1000@debian.org> (10 bugs):
 bc           3727  Problems encountered while compiling "bc" for m68k arch.
 bsdmainuti   3782  GNU nm breaks lorder
 bsdutils      988  `script' is insecure, and general tty insecurity
 bsdutils     3815  "ndc stats" fails 
 ed           3726  Problems encountered while compiling "ed" for m68k arch.
 fvwm         3437  fvwm should not recommend fvwm2
 fvwm         3748  Pixmaps missing from fvwm package?
 fvwm         4082  No documentation for fvwm modules
 fvwm2        3407  fvwm2: WindowList infelicity
 xcal         3292  xcal app-defaults shouldn't be conffiles

Mike Deisher <deisher@dspsun.eas.asu.edu> (10 bugs):
 auto-pgp     2211  Description
 auto-pgp     3216  auto-pgp doesn't remove info entry when removed
 auto-pgp     3680  auto-pgp description: ext start indented
 auto-pgp     3917  "auto-pgp" requires changes for multi-arch support
 auto-pgp     4278  "auto-pgp" requires changes for multi-arch support
 dosemu       1791  dosemu troubles
 dosemu       3671  dosemu description: no ext
 dosemu       4048  access permissions for /usr/bin/dos
 dosemu       4053  a) still a.out b) script: i have no 2nd floppy
 dosemu       4140  dosemu package is lacking its dos utilities

Martin Schulze <joey@infodrom.north.de> (11 bugs):
 at           2475  `at' uses middle-endian 2-digit-year date format
 cfingerd     3250  cfingerd descriptive text
 cfingerd     3433  weird output if cfingerd.conf: NO_PLAN = ""
 cfingerd     3791  Problems with "cfingerd" when compiling on m68k arch
 cfingerd     4146  cfingerd incorrectly says [MSG-N]
 dbview       3565  dbview description: ext extra spaces
 gpm          2874  gpm will not work if the system is setup for a serial conso
 gpm          3280  (no subject)
 gpm          3373  gpm -k hangs if X server running on console
 rman         3304  [rman] Off-by-one in generated HTML
 xfractint    3186  Can't chdir

Klee Dienes <klee@sedona.com> (11 bugs):
 beav         3558  beav description: ext extra spaces
 git          3543  Problems encountered while compiling "git" for m68k arch
 git          3588  git description: ext extra spaces
 guile        3052  guile is missing slib.info.gz
 guile        3223  guile installs entry for slib, but no info file
 guile        3508  guile doesn't have right permissions on /usr/include/guile/
 guile        3856  "guile" requires changes to support multiple arches
 netatalk     2542  No default config files?
 netatalk     2690  netatalk: a few small problems
 python       3442  python postinst is very verbose
 xasteroids   4114  "xasteroids" requires changes for multi-arch support

Chris Fearnley <cjf@netaxs.com> (11 bugs):
 gawk         3328  Problems encountered while compiling "gawk" for m68k arch
 mawk         3542  Problems encountered while compiling "mawk" on m68k arch
 mawk         3544  Problems encountered while compiling "mawk" on m68k arch
 mawk         3617  mawk description: ext extra spaces
 mawk         4293  mawk doesn't report an error on full filesystems
 most         2205  Description
 most         3158  most differs from man page
 most         3620  most description: summary starts w/ pkg name
 npasswd-bo   3804  npasswd-boulder doesn't change NIS passwds
 npasswd_bo   3495  doesn't respect nis/yp
 slang-deve   3645  slang-devel description: ext extra spaces

jimr@simons-rock.edu (Robinson, Jim) (12 bugs):
 idanish      3670  idanish description: no ext
 idanish      3913  "idanish" requires changes for multi-arch support
 wfrench      3687  wfrench description: no ext
 wfrench      3927  "wfrench" requires changes for multi-arch support
 witalian     3691  witalian description: no ext
 witalian     3923  "witalian" requires changes for multi-arch support
 wnorwegian   3688  wnorwegian description: no ext
 wnorwegian   3912  "wnorwegian" requires changes for multi-arch support
 wspanish     3698  wspanish description: no ext
 wspanish     3926  "wspanish" requires changes for multi-arch support
 wswedish     3682  wswedish description: no ext
 wswedish     3928  "wswedish" requires changes for multi-arch support

Christoph Lameter <clameter@waterf.org> (13 bugs):
 mgetty       3372  mgetty+sendfax missing new_fax script
 mgetty       3896  /sbin/mgetty is not world-readable
 mgetty       3897  mgetty syslogs with priority `emerg'
 mgetty       3898  mgetty has bogus errno in usage message
 mgetty       3899  mgetty doesn't remove logfiles when purged
 mgetty       3900  mgetty doesn't work
 mgetty       4185  "mgetty" requires changes for multi-arch support
 mgetty, ne   3895  file conflicts: mgetty vs netpbm
 netdiag      4184  "netdiag" requires changes for multi-arch support
 smartlist    4348  smartlist.postinst fails
 smartlist    4358  smartlist
 xfishtank    4186  "xfishtank" requires changes for multi-arch support
 xfishtank    4315  xfishtank problems

Soenke Lange <soenke@escher.north.de> (13 bugs):
 smail        1481  smail paniclog suggestion
 smail        1693  forwarded message from Harald T. Alvestrand
 smail        1799  smail nameresloving problems
 smail        1929  aliasinclude and forwardinclude directors missing
 smail        2348  Smail fails to define NO_PETER_HONEYMAN
 smail        2423  scattered sendmail links
 smail        3046  Smail configuration problem?
 smail        3164  runq dumps core
 smail        3366  Problems encountered while compiling "smail" for m68k arch
 smail        3497  smail calls obsolete yp_order
 smail        4097  smail cron jobs don't test if smail is installed
 smail        4151  /etc/cron.daily/smail not removed with smail
 smail        4326  smail can lose bounce messages

Steve Greenland <stevegr@master.debian.org> (13 bugs):
 cern-httpd   3124  CERN httpd sends useless cron mail
 cern-httpd   3327  cern-httpd postinst hangs if daemon configured for inetd
 cern-httpd   3370  httpdconfig installs Welcome.html even if index.html exists
 cern-httpd   3467  cern-httpd curious message
 cern-httpd   3486  forwarded message from Cron Daemon
 cern-httpd   3735  cern-httpd doesn't send fqdn on redirect
 cern-httpd   3850  "cern-httpd" requires changes to support multiple arches
 cron         1681  Missing files
 cron         3047  cron script problem?
 cron         3876  checksecurity shouldn't search ncpfs/smbfs filesystems
 cron         4204  cron does not install if /usr/sbin/cron does not exist!?
 nvi          2825  restricted movement in nvi
 nvi          3967  hex codes instead of 8-bit characters

daveb@tau.space.thiokol.com (David P. Boswell) (14 bugs):
 shellutils    821  /bin/echo doesn't check write errors
 shellutils   1164  who --help uses /etc/{w,u}tmp
 shellutils   1560  `su' produces incomplete log entries when not in ordinary s
 shellutils   1616  'who' can't find utmp
 shellutils   2068  su doesn't su.
 shellutils   2292  date does not support dates past 2000 !
 shellutils   2345  Inclusion of shadow breaks up some packages in the current 
 shellutils   2959  date + bug
 shellutils   3087  Bug in date.
 shellutils   3359  Problems encountered while compiling "sh-utils" for m68k ar
 shellutils   3609  shellutils description: no ext
 shellutils   4154  `echo' provides no way to unparse arguments
 shellutils   4256  tee does not write to file if output to pipe fails
 shellutils   4345  Silly mistake in yes manpage

Alvar Bray <alvar@debian.org> (14 bugs):
 man          2969  zsoelim [in man] is confused by .so in macros definitions
 man          3098  man-2.3.10-11 segfaults
 man          3109  man 9menu unpleasant
 man          3220  apropos dumps core
 man          3725  Another data point on apropos segfaulting.
 man          3739  `man -l -' for stdin doesn't work
 man          3766  "man" acting too smart.
 man          3788  `apropos' matches only word-substrings even in page names
 man          3939  /etc/manpath.config is not a conffile.
 man          4192  "input in flex scanner failed"
 man          4207  man sends "No manual entry" error to stdout
 man          4372  NULL pointer dereference (with fix)
 ppp          3808  ppp postinst gives error
 ppp          4121  ppp setup bug (postinst?)

Michael Alan Dorman <mdorman@lot49.med.miami.edu> (16 bugs):
 mh           2334  MH scan -width dumps core
 mh           2346  MH can lose mail
 mh           2648  
 mh           2661  dist and mh both have a dist manpage
 mh           4213  "mh" requires changes for multi-arch support
 ncurses-ba   2863  dselect and ncurses in select window
 ncurses-ba   3163  disconnects between ncurses-base and xbase
 ncurses-ba   3843  dselect resets automargins in xterm and vt220, not console
 ncurses-bi   2076  reset(1)
 ncurses-bi   2474  /usr/bin/reset does the wrong thing
 ncurses-bi   3191  reset(1) doesn't bring an xterm out of alt charset mode
 ncurses-bi   3192  tset(1) man page problem
 ncurses-bi   3829  tic.1 refers to unavailable infotocap command.
 ncurses-bi   3830  captoinfo confused by /etc/termcap entries
 ncurses-bi   3973  Home/End keys don't work right in nvi
 ncurses-te   2158  new ncurses bug ?

Ian Murdock <imurdock@debian.org> (17 bugs):
 acm          1366  acm networking problems
 acm          3548  acm description: no ext
 acm          3849  "acm" requires changes to support multiple arches
 aout-librl   3553  aout-librl description: no ext
 pmake        3629  pmake description: no ext
 pmake        3793  bsd.lib.mk incompatible with GNU ar
 rootdisk     2945  Bus Error given by rootdisk
 rootdisk     3142  1.1 installation and large partitions
 rootdisk     3147  May 19 boot floppies...
 rootdisk     3272  bug in root disks...
 rootdisk     3420  Boot disk creats corrupted filesystems in some situations
 rootdisk     3451  Missing label 'llseek' in e2fsck - rootdisk
 rootdisk     3488  basedisks modconf problems
 rootdisk     3489  basedisks configuration problems
 rootdisk     3491  basedisks newly booted system problems
 rootdisk     3892  mkfs.ext2: can't resolve symbol 'llseek'
 rootdisk     3968  installation checks for CD-ROM too often

David Engel <david@ods.com> (20 bugs):
 aout-binut   3552  aout-binutils description: no ext
 binutils     1108  No manpage ar(5)
 binutils     1303  `man 1 nm` slightly incomplete
 binutils     2161  elf-binutils 2.5.2l.20-1 ld can be made to segfault
 binutils     3574  binutils description: no ext
 binutils     4246  binutils calls ldconfig in prerm/postrm script
 expect       4285  "expect" requires changes for multi-arch support
 gcc          2493  GCC -O3 produces unsatisfied external ref to static functio
 gcc          2909  GCC Info has funny formatting
 gcc          2910  GCC accepts multi-line strings without \ or " " &c
 gcc          3838  GCC should depend on CPP, not conflict with it
 gcc          4011  simple c++ program segfaults
 gdb           660  GDB gets address of structure member wrong in memory breakp
 gdb          3515  gdb prints corrupted message
 gdb          3599  gdb description: no ext
 gdb          3823  Gdb's `handle' command behaviour differs from doc.
 gdb          4373  gdb out of date
 ldso         4188  ldd never gives non-zero exit status
 tkined       4044  "tkined" requires changes for multi-arch support
 tkman        2884  tkman doesn't use /var/catman

Jim Robinson <jimr@simons-rock.edu> (20 bugs):
 auctex       4021  "auctex" requires changes for multi-arch support
 mh-papers    3613  mh-papers description: no ext
 netpbm       3712  netpbm doesn't provide index of commands
 netpbm       3717  netpbm doesn't provide index of commands 
 netpbm       3743  Problems encountered while compiling "netpbm" on m68k arch
 netpbm       3792  Problems with "netpbm" when compiling on m68k arch
 netpbm       3975  netpbm is mostly free
 netpbm       4014  netpbm is missing manual pages
 netpbm       4183  Typo in netpbm setup
 netpbm       4300  netpbm "Incoming" package
 pari         4279  "pari" requires changes for multi-arch support
 term         3714  Problems encountered while compiling 'term' on m68k arch
 xless        3773  xless default window too thin and won't go away when asked 
 xless        4027  "xless" requires changes for multi-arch support
 xpaste       4046  "xpaste" requires changes for multi-arch support
 xv           3837  Why isn't xv linked with the libgr libraries ?
 xv           4284  "xv" requires changes for multi-arch support
 zircon       4162  stack trace
 zircon       4187  "zircon" requires changes for multi-arch support
 zircon       4215  "zircon" requires changes for multi-arch support

Fernando Alegre <alegre@mars.superlink.net> (20 bugs):
 mc           2823  mc segfaults on reconnect of ftpfs
 mc           3128  mc-3.2.1-1 needs libgpm.so.1
 mc           3245  mc should depend on gpm
 mc           3521  mc core dumps
 mc           3547  Problems encountered while compiling "mc" on m68k arch
 mc (Midnig   2242  mc should depend on ncurses3.0
 timezone     2167  timezone zdump for US zones gives GMT instead of local time
 timezone     2169  timezone zdump utility should be able to dump files
 timezone     2170  timezone: it needs more documentation
 timezone     2171  timezone: how to determine zone setting?
 timezone     2275  ctime(3) should be replaced by newctime(3)
 timezone     2671  timezone Mexico/General doesn't switch to DST
 timezone     2682  Zoneinfo library has a name-clash with compression library
 timezone     2785  Timezone has static library?
 timezone     3084  missing timezones
 timezone     3363  Problems encountered while compiling "timezone" for m68k ar
 timezone     3647  timezone description: summary starts w/ pkg name, no ext
 timezone     3799  timezone should not be essential
 timezone     4061  Debian
 timezone?,   2942  Wrong timezone for Europe/Warsaw?

Sven Rudolph <sr1@inf.tu-dresden.de> (20 bugs):
 doc-debian   4321  doc-debian has old bug-reporting email address
 enscript     3483  using args with spaces in genscriptrc
 genscript    3169  dvipsk doesn't use /etc/papersize
 linuxdoc-s   3180  linuxdoc-sgml semantics and formatting problems
 linuxdoc-s   3317  linuxdoc-sgml info files are missing all ftp names...
 lpr           902  lpr can't print a PostScript file ?!
 lpr          1061  /etc/printcap vs. /usr/man/man5/printcap.5
 lpr          2556  "\031\1"
 lpr          3038  SOLVED: can't remove print jobs
 lpr          3156  lpr and smail uuname returned -1
 lpr          4237  lpd remote printing problem
 lpr, magic   3075  lpr, magicfilter, dvi-fonts failed
 mosaic       4166  Mosaic extended description has one blank line
 mosaic       4223  Mosaic looks bad on mono display
 mosaic       4224  Mosaic produces poor rendering of nested markup
 mosaic       4226  Mosaic fails to substitute 0X in mailto: URLs
 mosaic, xs   4160  Mosaic caused X to become unresponsive to mouse and keyboar
 rcs          2302  RCS - problems with msdos filesystems
 seyon        2701  seyon: dpkg --purge doesn't work
 xview        4283  "xview" requires changes for multi-arch support

Erick Branderhorst <branderh@debian.org> (20 bugs):
 glibcdoc     2906  Inconsistency in libc.info re snprintf
 hyperlatex   4071  ps2gif has incorrect pathname
 idutch       3672  idutch description: no ext
 idutch       3931  "idutch" requires changes for multi-arch support
 latex        3415  Xdvi and postscript fonts
 latex        3832  Problem with Latex installation
 latex        3835  Problem with Latex installation
 latex        4174  Unable to use 'dc' fonts in latex2e
 latex        4191  Latex_2e-7 has redundant files
 latex        4320  dc fonts (t1enc) are much too big
 latex,xdvi   2054  no subject (file transmission)
 mathpad      2231  mathpad problems
 mathpad      3312  installation and startup problems with mathpad
 mfbasfnt     4318  important TeX fonts missing
 mflib        2185  texmf/metafont or texmf/mf ?
 mflib        3323  MakeTeXPK mis-invokes ps2pk
 texlib       2186  national hyphenation patterns
 textutils    4335  cat -vET is lossy - there should be a non-lossy version
 wdutch       3697  wdutch description: no ext
 wdutch       3914  "wdutch" requires changes for multi-arch support

dhs@firefly.com (David H. Silber) (21 bugs):
 dbackup      1406  backup postrm can fail when it shouldn't
 fortune      1118  fortune is setuid games ?!
 fortune      3213  fortune need libc.so.4
 fortune      3571  fortune description: summary starts w/ pkg name, no ext
 fortune      3818  fortune is still a.out !
 fortune      3855  "fortune" requires changes to support multiple arches
 fortune      4142  strfile, unstr are a.out binaries
 fortune      4143  fortune is an a.out binary
 uucp         1265  Misc. uucp bugs
 uucp         2198  uuxqt can't execute rmail
 uucp         2293  uucp should compress big files in /usr/doc/uucp
 uucp         2810  uucp postrm should use -f flag to rm
 uucp         3112  UUCP uses /usr/spool/uucp (and does not create it)
 uucp         3503  still a.out (and src doesn't build binary *.deb out of the 
 uucp         3711  Problems encountered while compiling "uucp" on m68k arch
 uucp         3816  uucp is still a.out
 uucp         3890  "uucp" requires changes to support multiple arches
 uucp         3936  uutraf dumps core in gmtime()
 uucp         3937  uutraf has repeated words in messages and is not explicit
 uucp         4127  uucp uses /usr/spool
 uucp         4302  uucp

joost witteveen <joostje@debian.org> (22 bugs):
 gnuplot      3587  gnuplot description: no ext
 gs           4109  "gs" requires changes for multi-arch support
 gs           4240  mfdcfnt setup error
 gs           4266  gs prints debugging info when invoked from xdvi
 gs           4268  Figure displayed incorrectly
 gs           4306  gs and rounded corner rectangle
 gsfonts      1112  a2gs output unusable by gs but usable by ghostview
 gsfonts      3596  gsfonts description: no ext
 gsfonts      3673  gsfonts description: no ext
 pixmap       3962  Pixmap "calloc" problem
 pixmap       4100  pixmap dumps core (bad depth?)
 pixmap       4169  pixmap dies
 xosview      3385  xosview and /usr/bin/X11 (again)
 xosview      3737  xosview uses -O3 -f...
 xosview      3873  Xosview hangs when a dummy net device is in the kernel.
 xosview      4033  "xosview" requires changes for multi-arch support
 xosview      4081  xosview doesn't install a binary
 xosview      4118  xosview doesn't use XUSERFILESEARCHPATH
 xosview      4267  xosview doesn't understand -geometry very well
 xosview      4269  xosview has only XOSView as application resource file
 xosview      4270  xosview should be able to monitor /dev/ttyS? too
 xosview      4317  xosview should display cached mem

Miquel van Smoorenburg <miquels@cistron.nl> (22 bugs):
 inn          2112  Submission for INN doc file
 inn          2220  INN feed password interacts badly with trn XMODE READER
 inn          2822  Some minor glitches with the inn package
 inn          3153  inn ctlinnd not readable/executable, but /var/run/innd is !
 inn          3459  inn should Depend on inewsinn, not contain it
 inn          3462  INN postinst and configuration problems
 inn          3517  innd won't remove syslog.conf lines when purged
 inn          3950  INN message size limitation to 350K does not work
 inn          4218  Problems removing INN
 minicom      3601  minicom description: no ext
 nis          3632  nis description: summary starts w/ pkg name
 nis          3833  Manual pages for some yp* programs in nis
 sysvinit     2439  rc?.d scripts sometimes not run
 sysvinit     2796  sysvinit makes obsolete symbolic link
 sysvinit     2908  mesg sets wrong permissions on /dev/ttyp*
 sysvinit     3130  sysvinit init.d/network script buglet
 sysvinit     3140  /etc/init.d/boot has rm -f bugs
 sysvinit     3143  sysvinit init.d/network script buglet
 sysvinit     3720  shutdown prints "You don't exist. Go away!"
 sysvinit     4229  /etc/init.d/skeleton is missing `set -e'
 sysvinit     4230  /etc/init.d/network is an auto-handled conffile
 sysvinit     4383  remote filesystems mounted too early

Guy Maor <maor@debian.org> (25 bugs):
 bash          818  bash builtin `echo' doesn't check write errors
 bash         1009  bash problem with quoting/completioon
 bash         1549  bash should not have world-readable history
 bash         1624  thermal run away problem
 bash         1702  telnet+su root->thermal process
 bash         1714  bash is confused when breaking lines
 bash         1746  rsh <system> sh -i produces CPU hog
 bash         1834  [kubla@goofy.zdv.Uni-Mainz.de: /etc/profile on Debian Linux
 bash         2110  Bash tab completion of non alphanumeric characters
 bash         2265  bash `horizontal scroll' can't be turned off
 bash         2301  bash doesn't document any way to safely create tmp file
 bash         2362  bash (readline) dumps core on completion
 bash         2818  bash doesn't provide enough docs
 bash         2856  fd leak in bash
 bash         3174  set -i doesn't work in bash
 bash         3177  sh -nc <command> actually runs command (!)
 bash         3353  Problems encountered while compiling "bash" for m68k arch
 bash         3538  bash on m68k doesn't use ncurses termcap emulation
 bash         3561  bash description: no ext
 bash         4180  bash has duplicate examples
 bash         4245  S-96-48: Vulnerability in "bash" (fwd)
 debianutil   3122  run-parts should ignore RCS
 debianutil   3511  typo on installkernel man page
 debianutil   4363  `which' cannot cope if command names contain spaces
 ftp.debian   4378  incomplete Packages files and incomplete distributions

Robert Leslie <rob@mars.org> (26 bugs):
 bind         2530  bind locks up system
 bind         2819  named loses (in an easily fixed way) on 1.2.13 kernels
 bind         3478  bind should use lowercase `none' in postinst
 bind         3505  ndc does not use start-stop-daemon
 bind         3507  named postinst mangled my configuration
 bind         3966  nslookup: fatal flex scanner internal error--end of buffer 
 bind         4222  dig in the wrong package?
 bind         4296  named should provide reverse on all of 127/8
 ddd-smotif   3307  ddd-smotif does not replace ddd
 deliver      3319  deliver does not set exit codes as expected by sendmail
 maelstrom    3287  (no subject)
 motifnls     4028  "motifnls" requires changes for multi-arch support
 mount        2304  umount calls gethostbyname() at consequence
 mount        3993  users can't umount user mounts
 mount        4147  [daemon@ATHENA.MIT.EDU : [linux-security] Vulnerability in 
 mount        4289  mount's swapon command doesn't have the "-s" option
 mount, ker   4367  corrupted kernel message re NFS mount
 sendmail     3151  Sendmail runs too late
 sendmail     3752  sendmail shouldn't require 'deliver'
 sendmail     3753  sendmail shouldn't require 'deliver'
 sendmail     3754  sendmail shouldn't require 'deliver'
 sendmail     3756  sendmail has wrong path to procmail
 sendmail     4064  sendmail should recommend deliver, not depend
 sendmail     4065  FEATURE(local_procmail) needs manual override to /usr/bin
 sendmail     4085  /etc/init.d/sendmail does not stop and restart correctly
 sendmail     4203  sendmail does not install if /usr/sbin/sendmail does not ex

Simon Shapiro  <Shimon@i-connect.net> (26 bugs):
 kernel       1707  image 1.2.13-5 has no msdos.o
 kernel       1744  dpkg: cannot scan updates directory `/var/lib/dpkg/updates/
 kernel       1759  running out of swap causes deadlock
 kernel       1914  general protection in unix_proto_connect
 kernel       1922  1.3.43 Kernel is too nice
 kernel       1962  kernel needs sbpcd.h editing in some cases
 kernel       1989  mmap bug?
 kernel       2063  scsi driver sequence unreasonable
 kernel       2064  aha1740 driver only supports one card
 kernel       2105  console error messages "Source Route Failed."
 kernel       2463  "msdos" filesystem needed for bootstrapping
 kernel       2470  in kernel Attached ether adapter driver interferes with lp 
 kernel       2692  kernel swap space problem
 kernel       2940  image-1.3.64-0 lacks scsi tape device
 kernel       3019  no 386 support in kernel_image 1.3.100
 kernel       3040  Sound module in 1.3.95 kernel not compatible with my SB16 c
 kernel       3106  v 1.1 beta kernel image not for i386
 kernel       3195  "/etc/rc.boot/0setserial" fails due to missing "serial" mod
 kernel       3258  pcmcia-cs minor postinst bug
 kernel       3265  kernel-image and PS/2 mouse problem
 kernel       3268  network modules don't work with kernel 
 kernel       3275  dpkg --no-act leaves control info in /tmp
 kernel       3393  printer-driver problem in kernel 1.99.7
 kernel       3397  (no subject)
 kernel       3516  SCSI_IOCTL_SEND_COMMAND can cause major corruption
 kernel       3999  nfs module fails to load

Bruce Perens <Bruce@Pixar.com> (28 bugs):
 arrl-infos   2737  arrl-infoserv: missing source file
 arrl-infos   3677  arrl-infoserv description: no ext
 ash          2604  ash: cc: Internal compiler error: program ld got fatal sign
 ash          3056  ash-source contains objects
 ash          3718  Problems encountered while compiling "ash" on m68k arch.
 boot-flopp    998  Can't Configure DOS Partitions
 boot-flopp   1032  Linux Counter Project Info Not Included
 boot-flopp   1372  rootdisk: no dvorak keytable
 boot-flopp   2569  bootdisk: Leading dot in dnsdomainname?
 boot-flopp   2738  Installing Debian 1.1
 boot-flopp   2739  Configuring Network with Debian 1.1
 boot-flopp   2740  Configuring Network with Debian 1.1
 boot-flopp   2850  nfs.o isn't loaded in clean debian 1.1 nfs install
 boot-flopp   3031  various boot-floppies nits
 boot-flopp   3064  need a pointer in /usr/doc/boot-floppies
 boot-flopp   3121  boot-floppies doesn't have basedisks.sh
 boot-flopp   3575  boot-floppies description: no ext
 mbr          3789  `mbr' package doesn't say how to install/use it
 modconf      3628  modconf description: no ext
 modconf      3740  A couple of problems popped up while using "modconf"
 pcb          3413  linked with aout libXaw
 pcb          3635  pcb description: no ext
 pcb          3872  "pcb" requires changes to support multiple arches
 pcb          4026  "pcb" requires changes for multi-arch support
 rspfd        3881  "rspfd" requires changes to support multiple arches
 syslinux     2774  syslinux: missing source file
 syslinux     3642  syslinux description: no ext
 syslinux     4004  procinfo breaks without modules

Andrew Howell <andrew@it.com.au> (30 bugs):
 lynx         2067  lynx -source can't find documents
 lynx         2295  (no subject)
 lynx         2946  Lynx gives fatal error message
 lynx         2964  lynx -dump fails through proxy
 lynx         2965  lynxexec not compiled into lynx.
 lynx         3105  lynx access to dot files is disabled
 lynx         3386  lynx version number changes
 lynx         3469  lynx default home page
 lynx         3606  lynx description: ext extra spaces
 lynx         3846  lynx misdisplays multiple <dt> in <dl>
 lynx         3875  Lynx thinks *.deb files are "text/plain".
 lynx         4005  Resubmitting Bug#3875, Lynx *.deb problem.
 lynx         4225  lynx fails to substitute 0X in mailto: URLs
 mandelspaw   3176  mandelspawn slave problems
 rxvt         2510  rxvt-2.14 breaks old scripts
 rxvt         2989  rxvt source bug
 rxvt         4032  "rxvt" requires changes for multi-arch support
 samba        4133  Samba goes into busy loop?
 tcsh          820  tcsh builtin `echo' doesn't check write errors
 tcsh         3396  tcsh doesn't provide c-shell
 tcsh, csh    3466  tcsh, csh should use update-alternatives, not diversions
 tf           2547  tf does not support visual mode
 tf           3886  "tf" requires changes to support multiple arches
 xntp         2051  /etc/ntp.conf is an auto-handled conffile
 xntp         2982  xntp calls ntpdate at start
 xntp         4323  xntp allows only one timeserver
 xtron        1703  xtron documentation
 ytalk        2196  ytalk `shell' option can't run dpkg
 ytalk        2575  ytalk lies about who you are talking to
 ytalk        2699  ytalk doesn't use FQDNs

Helmut Geyer <Helmut.Geyer@iwr.uni-heidelberg.de> (36 bugs):
 ghostview    1451  `ghostviewR6' conflict with ghostview &c
 ghostview    2200  Description
 ghostview    3598  ghostview description: ext start indented
 ghostview    3759  xxgdb and ghostview have bad Maintainer field
 ghostview    4088  ghostview does not put filename in window title
 ghostview    4104  ghostview does not obey %BoundingBox: and other DSC commen
 ghostview    4220  ghostview and /etc/papersize
 ghostview    4261  Ghostview -- needs MIME entry
 procps       1016  top has 3's in vt100
 procps       1176  /usr/bin/top segfault with unknown terminal
 procps       1240  ps(1) man page incomplete
 procps       1246  ps man page does not agree with implementation
 procps       1336  CFLAGS shouldn't be used when linking
 procps       1533  `w' produces bogus login@, idle time &c for xdm login entry
 procps       1713  procps: manpage doesn't tell the truth
 procps       1853  top fails after 130 processes?
 procps       1908  Top and tabs
 procps       1933  w from procps gives wrong idle times
 procps       2159  "ps pids" lists more than just pids
 procps       2402  ps no longer understands `g' option
 procps       2427  top d 60 fails
 procps       2460  bizarre output from `free'
 procps       2520  procps needs dependency on ncurses3.0
 procps       2721  free fails to understand recent kernels' /proc/meminfo
 procps       2728  top coredump
 procps       2841  top produces `$<3>' at end of each line !
 procps       2938  libproc is in wrong place
 procps       3080  error message in syslog caused by ps
 procps       3102  top has problems when not on console
 procps       3260  psupdate man page out of date
 procps       3350  Problems encountered while compiling "procps" for m68k arch
 procps       3989  `w' produces corrupted output
 procps       4062  running ps as root does not report controlling ttys correct
 procps       4152  psupdate writes /etc/psdatabase, not /boot/psdatabase
 procps       4248  procps calls ldconfig in prerm/postrm script
 xxgdb        3678  xxgdb description: no ext

Mark Eichin <eichin@kitten.gen.ma.us> (39 bugs):
 autoconf     3839  autoconf wants `nawk'
 cvs          3374  CVS wrappers can't be turned off
 cvs          3970  cvsinit is not in cvs-1.8.1-1
 cvs          4008  CVS texinfo docs won't format correctly with TeX
 cvs          4024  "cvs" requires changes for multi-arch support
 emacs        1879  Emacs shell mode weirdness - looks like C code bug
 emacs        2183  emacs shouldn't touch /usr/local
 emacs        2235  emacs eats manual pages
 emacs        2267  emacs ange ftp fails
 emacs        2318  Emacs makes it hard for MTAs to do the right thing
 emacs        2392  Emacs mishandles fonts under X.
 emacs        2417  emacs inferior process buffers failing
 emacs        2431  Emacs mishandles X fonts.
 emacs        2476  emacs mucks up my email address
 emacs        2477  annoying bug in emacs
 emacs        2478  ange ftpd croaks on anonftpd
 emacs        2479  ange-ftp is incredibly inefficient
 emacs        2532  Emacs fails to use `set -e' in postinst
 emacs        2630  emacs package needs to break ctags-related files out separa
 emacs        2634  emacs hung
 emacs        2709  emacs should list /usr/lib/emacs/19.30/lisp/default.el as a
 emacs        2714  Emacs and XEmacs share files
 emacs        2731  emacs with gud creates ~/.terminfo/e/emacs
 emacs        2829  emacs: gdb says: slashes aren't allowed (/etc/termcap)
 emacs        3119  emacs font handling
 emacs        3179  emacs ctags segfaults
 emacs        3241  derived.el fails in emacs
 emacs        3400  gnus broken? in Debian-emacs-19.31-2
 emacs        4000  emacs can't initialize x window
 emacs        4107  emacs leaves stale lockfiles and publishes pathnames
 emacs        4271  emacs has no "debian-rundir"
 emacs        4329  Emacs has hardcoded path for jka-compr, breaks at upgrade
 emacs        4347  emacs html-mode + font-lock highlights too greedily
 emacs        4354  movemail doesn't work
 emacs        4356  menu-bar-mode flag argument is inconsistent with universe
 emacs        4357  installing elisp .el files
 emacs        4388  emacs mail-mode fails RFC822 section 3.4.7
 emacs-el     3569  emacs-el description: no ext
 emacs-el     4304  Wrong .el files in emacs?

Ian Jackson <ian@chiark.chu.cam.ac.uk> (40 bugs):
 dpkg          957  dpkg should automatically log everything
 dpkg         1037  dselect user interface (was Re: debian 0.93pl5 installation
 dpkg         1399  dselect error handling not consistent
 dpkg         1480  start-stop-daemon doesn't check process status
 dpkg         1526  man dpkg(5) dpkg(8) dselect
 dpkg         1555  dselect per-screen-half focus request
 dpkg         1642  dpkg recursive package listing doesn't do the right thing
 dpkg         1670  start-stop-daemon is too slow
 dpkg         1797  upgrade/downgrade dependency calculation problem
 dpkg         1818  configure ordering based on Recommends
 dpkg         1921  update-alternatives prompt, dpkg conffile show diff
 dpkg         2531  install-info should use better locking strategy
 dpkg         2536  dpkg inappropriately marks packages as installed
 dpkg         2576  base: selecting [A]ccess with dselect
 dpkg         2603  dpkg-1.1.3 seg fault when installing xterm-color
 dpkg         2664  arrow keys fail in dselect not just after search ?
 dpkg         2828  have to install xosview twice to work
 dpkg         2834  desect loses state if it can't find a pre-dependancy
 dpkg         2894  dpkg guidelines info files not recognized
 dpkg         2904  install-info doesn't cope with nonexistent /usr/info/dir fi
 dpkg         2911  Conffiles are deleted too late ? (Re: Bug#2701: seyon: dpkg
 dpkg         2929  dpkg-name 1.1.6 is broken.
 dpkg         2939  Bad dpkg/ldconfig Interaction
 dpkg         2973  install-info created 5 Development sections in my /usr/info
 dpkg         3125  bug (and correction) in dpkg-1.1.6 scripts/install-info.pl
 dpkg         3170  again dpkg --root=xxx
 dpkg         3218  install-info adds Miscellaneous section badly
 dpkg         3225  dpkg-1.2.3 upgrade problems from 1.0.17
 dpkg         3233  dselect for 1.1 as of June, 2nd
 dpkg         3406  dselect unreadable under xterm
 dpkg         3410  some problems/bugs/suggestions with install-info
 dpkg         3704  Weird dselect behavior (bug?)
 dpkg         3765  dpkg and kernel-* package names
 dpkg         3991  dselect has confusing and bizarre interface
 dpkg         4074  problems with 1.1 release
 dpkg         4093  start-stop-daemon fails to kill process
 dpkg         4195  dpkg-source and new tar package don't mix
 hello        4371  clean target does not rm debian/substvars
 hello        4375  Hello forgets to increment loop counter when reading mailbo
 pgp-i        3545  Problems encountered while compiling "pgp" on m68k arch

Stephen Early <sde1000@debian.org> (46 bugs):
 mkisofs      3480  missing information in manpage
 mkisofs      3539  mkisofs stops if an error occurs
 mkisofs      3540  mkisofs stops if a problem occurs
 mkisofs      3703  mkisofs stops if a permission problem occurs
 xbase         725  twm places windows incorrectly
 xbase         740  xclock leaves `droppings' in its window
 xbase         773  xmh falls over if mh is not installed
 xbase         775  twm reports errors on incorrect line numbers
 xbase        1621  Xmark has no manpage
 xbase        1690  XDM protection fault on X config error
 xbase        1691  X config allows invalid numeric range
 xbase        1819  X11 doesn't set a lock on the mouse port
 xbase        1985  xdm won't redirect to remote machines.
 xbase        2243  xterm vanishes when it's big (some escape sequence?)
 xbase        2297  xterm gets mouse-paste and RETURN in wrong order
 xbase        2313  xterm keymapping problems suspected
 xbase        2360  xdm cannot find a free VT
 xbase        3026  xbase et al postinst doesn't flush stdout
 xbase        3073  xbase contains imake and xmkmf without their config files
 xbase        3095  xbase kills xdm and *then* asks (politely, but belatedly)
 xbase        3162  disconnects between ncurses-base and xbase
 xbase        3267  Unqualified hostnames in rstart
 xbase        3395  can't login via xdm
 xbase        3730  improper lookup of window managers by /etc/X11/Xsession
 xbase        3751  xconsole stops logging when syslogd is hupped
 xbase        3906  Errors in the Compose file for ISO-LATIN1
 xbase        3990  xdm-errors location not what FSSTND says
 xbase        4012  xbase: `window-managers' was un-correctly generated
 xbase        4015  xterm & xterm.color sets broken TERMCAP
 xbase        4173  xdm stop-script should use --pidfile
 xbase        4233  startx does not initialize X cookies
 xbase        4301  missing bitmaps
 xbase et a   3734  X11 problems
 xbase?       3110  X servers muck up xdm when uninstalled
 xfntbig      3650  xfntbig description: no ext
 xfntcyr      3610  xfntcyr description: no ext
 xfntscl      3663  xfntscl description: no ext
 xlib         3661  xlib description: no ext
 xlib         4249  xlib calls ldconfig in prerm/postrm script
 xlib         4332  Vulnerability in the Xt library (fwd)
 xlib         4364  forwarded message from Marek Michalkiewicz
 xmanpages    3308  X(1) manpage in wrong place?
 xmanpages    4124  typo in XtOpenApplication manpage
 xserver-sv   1292  X locks up
 xserver-sv   3300  xserver-svga configuration
 xslib        3662  xslib description: no ext

Nils Rennebarth <nils@nus.pan-net.de> (48 bugs):
 amsfonts     4208  "amsfonts" requires changes for multi-arch support
 amslatex     4216  "amslatex" requires changes for multi-arch support
 amstex       3550  amstex description: no ext
 amstex       4210  "amstex" requires changes for multi-arch support
 bibtex       2037  bibtex not searching $TEXINPUTS
 bibtex, kp   1429  several TeX packages Provide themselves
 dviljk       3198  dviljk is still aout! :-(
 dviljk       3202  dviljk doesn't read stdin!!! :-(
 dviljk       3458  dviljk missing prompt for input
 dviljk       4211  "dviljk" requires changes for multi-arch support
 dvipsk       1873  dvipsk ignores /etc/papersize!
 dvipsk       2104  dvips doesn't provide color
 dvipsk       2357  dvipsk generated PS causes `restore error'
 kpathsea     1858  kpathsea package does not install or maintain an ls-R datab
 kpathsea     1865  cmr10 at 10.0pt not loadable: Metric (TFM) file not found.
 kpathsea     2027  tiny bug in web2c debian.rules
 kpathsea     3921  "kpathsea" requires changes for multi-arch support
 ltxgraph     4276  "ltxgraph" requires changes for multi-arch support
 ltxmisc      4277  "ltxmisc" requires changes for multi-arch support
 ltxmisc      4346  Essential LaTeX style files missing
 ltxtool      1771  Legal problems with ltxtool
 ltxtool lt   1502  Uniform lists in debian.control
 makeindex    4047  "makeindex" requires changes for multi-arch support
 mfbin        1686  psfonts.map can't be found
 mfbin        1934  font scaling problem
 mfbin        2972  MetaFONT linked against X libraries
 mfbin        3077  gray font .mf files missing from MFBIN
 oldgerman    4214  "oldgerman" requires changes for multi-arch support
 pandora      4212  "pandora" requires changes for multi-arch support
 psnfss       3135  psnfss has no Architecture field
 psnfss       4282  "psnfss" requires changes for multi-arch support
 texbin       1647  dpkg can present incorrect info for virtual packages.
 texbin       1653  Missing dvicopy(1) man page.
 texbin       1663  TeX comes without configuration script
 texbin       1664  TeX is lacking documentation on the setup
 texbin       1823  texbin postinst failed with error 1, no message
 texbin       2023  latex dumps core on -QUIT
 texbin       2038  tex man page has unexpanded macros in it
 texbin       2621  unstable/texbin install fails
 texpsfnt     2764  texpsfnt: missing source file
 textfm, te   3468  textfm and texlib file conflicts
 xbmbrowser   3050  xbmbrowser man page installed as xbmbrowser.man
 xbmbrowser   4035  "xbmbrowser" requires changes for multi-arch support
 xbmbrowser   4239  xbmbrowser recommends pbmplus
 xdvik        2122  xdvik doesn't handle the `zcat convention
 xdvik        2803  xdvi does not handle redraws of includedEPS files correctly
 xdvik        4209  "xdvik" requires changes for multi-arch support
 xearth       4043  "xearth" requires changes for multi-arch support

Darren Stalder <torin@daft.com> (50 bugs):
 compface     3845  invalid directories in compface package
 less         3336  Problems encountered while compiling "less" for m68k arch
 less         3616  less description: ext extra spaces
 less         3952  Less annoyances
 less         4178  silly problem with less
 patch        3348  Problems encountered while compiling "patch" for m68k arch
 perl         1099  perl bug
 perl         1170  perl fails to make headers first time...
 perl         1201  perl doesn't know about includes
 perl         1247  perl <...> globbing only works if (t)csh installed
 perl         1411  perlconfig misses an opportunity to use xargs
 perl         1856  creating perl header files
 perl         1916  perl: wrong entries in Config.pm
 perl         1972  perl should suggest kernel sources
 perl         2182  perl shouldn't touch /usr/local
 perl         2184  perl's sys/socket.ph causes warning
 perl         2241  Perl 5.002-3 handles LANG and LC_* poorly
 perl         2251  Perl coredumps while invoking adduser
 perl         2254  perl doesn't initialize variable to 0 or something
 perl         2405  perl postinst messages re unctrl.h
 perl         2440  sys/socket.ph produces spurious message
 perl         2495  perl requires tcsh (as it is currently configured)
 perl         2501  (no subject)
 perl         2502  configure fails if /vmlinuz is missing
 perl         2589  perl can't load libdb.so.1
 perl         2590  new revision of perl does not include suidperl
 perl         2593  perl tries to install in /usr/local
 perl         2658  Errors during perlconfig
 perl         2691  new perl break suid scripts
 perl         3093  Perl dumps core
 perl         3212  Perl recommends nonexistent packages
 perl         3230  why the hell does perl depend on tcsh???
 perl         3242  perl's dependencies are wrong
 perl         3277  nit: perl setup emits a \n
 perl         3283  /usr/bin/perlconfig should be in /usr/sbin
 perl         3295  perls debian.rules doesn't work
 perl         3296  /bin/perl is not updated
 perl         3423  Problems installing kernel sources and sudo
 perl         3434  pod2latex: E<szlig>, =over/=cut/=pod/=item not handled corr
 perl         3770  dodgy `\n' in perl postinst
 perl         3784  perl does not install on base 1.1
 perl         3785  perl_5.003-2.deb (in "rex") and "mirror"
 perl         3803  perl and the empty directories
 perl         3814  perl and the empty directories
 perl         3847  Perl & G++
 perl         3874  Archive of perl 5.003-2 is broken
 perl         3908  perl h2ph problem
 perl         4206  Perl `pod' documentation should be in /usr/doc or not insta
 xemacs       2689  (no subject)
 xemacs       2839  Xemacs problems

Bruce Perens <bruce@pixar.com> (62 bugs):
 base         1699  Install/Config quirks: Missing secondary DNS server, NIS se
 base         1742  /dev/tty has wrong permissions
 base         1855  packages adding entries to /etc/group
 base         1885  base 0.93.6-13: doesn't create higher ttys
 base         1954  setting up the network
 base         1955  base discs still aren't creating /var/log/news
 base         2001  Incorrect ownership of audio device files
 base         2070  /etc/issue and /etc/issue.net
 base         2524  problems with base package
 base         2538  audio devices have different group id than audio group
 base         2688  base: wrong group for rft* devices
 base         2741  First booting with Debian 1.1
 base         2840  Conflicting entries in login/group
 base         2889  no NCR 53c810 driver in 1.1 boot-disk
 base         2895  base -- incorrect passwd entry for 'gnats'
 base         2920  incorrect entry for nobody in recent "base" package
 base         2927  /usr/info/dir in base confuses install-info
 base         2928  nobody has wrong login shell
 base         2978  May 13 15:51:25 lohi wu-ftpd[345]: wtmp /var/log/wtmp No su
 base         3002  majordomo has conflicting group id
 base         3027  updatedb can't run properly
 base         3036  automatic adduser/addgroup in postinst (was Re: fingerd)
 base         3039  MAKEDEV script does not create the random/urandom devices
 base         3070  base copyright string
 base         3149  upgrading base truncates utmp
 base         3183  permissions problems with /var/lib/games
 base         3231  /usr/i486-linuxaout/lib not present
 base         3252  base template /usr/info/dir malformed
 base         3314  On request of Bruce: /etc/rc.boot/0serial way too optimisti
 base         3315  Bug in /etc/init.d/networks on 11-6 disks
 base         3387  base leaves /tmp/base.postinst lying around
 base         3409  Could not make boot floppy
 base         3421  /tmp installs wrongly
 base         3493  Teles ISDN card installation buglets
 base         3557  base description: no ext
 base         3786  base includes anonymous ftp account
 base         3805  /dev/MAKEDEV spells 'isdn' as 'idsn'
 base         3809  /usr/doc/debian-0.93 still around
 base         3902  base disks' network configuration oddities
 base         3905  base disks still install part packages
 base         3983  Wrong entry in /etc/group
 base         3986  inconsistency between base and sysvinit packages!
 base         3994  ae won't deinstall
 base         4002  base wipes out utmp & wtmp
 base         4009  /bin/edit causes error after ae removed
 base         4020  Base shouldn't contain /var/run/utmp
 base         4089  problems with rc.local
 base         4131  majordom -- 30 or 31?
 base         4149  /etc/resolv.conf gets bad configuration
 base         4291  dselect and ftp
 base         4295  majordom passwd line is wrong
 base, ae     3146  1.1 installation: ae doesn't work
 bootdisk     2937  Copyright message function key incorrect
 bootdisk     2956  beta experience
 bootdisk     3185  Lack of NCR53c810 support on boot disk
 bootdisk     3269  bootdisk silently fails-change instalation manual
 bootdisk     3320  Kernel oops - problem with APM BIOS?
 bootdisk     4017  boot disk doesn't recognize NCR scsi 
 bootdisk     4019  Decompression failure on Install Boot Disk
 bootdisk     4060  Kernel decompression failure.
 bootdisk     4377  modules on boot-disk seem to be broken
 bootdisk/r   3279  ne2000 lockups during instalation

(unknown) (117 bugs):
              4311  (no subject)
              4361  latex2e-7 
              4382  dselect/dpkg treats squid_1.0.9-1 as a downgrade from squid
              4384  gcc_2.7.2.1-1.deb & g77_0.5.18-2.deb incompatible
              4385  (no subject)
              4386  debian/rex/texbin_3.1415-5.deb is missing manfnt.mf file
              4389  your mail
 9term        4243  9term leaves mouse droppings
 a2gs         3456  a2gs prompt looks like `please wait' message
 a2gs         3848  "a2gs" requires changes to support multiple arches
 a2ps         1874  a2ps ignores /etc/papersize!
 a2ps         3911  "a2ps" requires changes for multi-arch support
 ax25-kerne   1467  `ax25-kernel-source', `ax25-util' should use virtual packag
 ax25-kerne   2762  ax25-kernel-source: missing source file
 ax25-util    2099  slip module stops axattach
 ax25-util    2765  ax25-util: missing source file
 bin86        1281  bin86
 bin86        3568  bin86 description: no ext
 dselect      4379  dselect insists on wrong installation order
 e2fsprogs    4247  e2fsprogs calls ldconfig in prerm/postrm script
 fort77       2919  very bad fort77 installation message
 fort77       3583  fort77 description: no ext
 g77          2852  Bug 2711: g77 does not include info file
 g77          3584  g77 description: ext start indented
 g77          4110  "g77" requires changes for multi-arch support
 ircd         4287  ircd postinst uses illegal option to hostname
 ircd         4288  ircd doc files have bad permissions
 j1           3525  j1 hard-linked docs/manpages
 j1           3865  "j1" requires changes to support multiple arches
 kermit       2430  kermit configuration script is hard to read on a monochrome
 lesstif-de   4355  lesstif-dev has incoorect location for include files
 libc4         911  libc causes rsh to fail on commands with option arguments
 libc4        1130  Stdlib.h problems when using gcc -O-traditional
 libc4        1211  libc __nis_getgrnam() segfaults for dpkg when using NIS
 libc4        1278  dpkg seg faults with NIS
 libc4        1279  Strangeness involving <bsd/signal.h>
 libc4        1378  weird ELF/a.out difference
 libc4        1685  dpkg-split --msdos not correct
 libc4        1774  <paths.h>: _PATH_DEFPATH contains `.'
 libc4        2011  very silly messages from rsh
 libc5        3190  rlogin takes far too long when remote says Connection Refus
 libc5        3244  (no subject)
 libc5        3541  rlogin blocks on ECONNREFUSED!
 libc5        3825  0x80d404c either misbehaves or misdocumented
 libc5        3984  NIS writes error message to STDERR
 libc5        4086  rsh segfaults with baudrate=115200
 libc5        4190  serious security hole in libc (resolver)
 libc5 (and   2321  libc doesn't use **h_aliases (hostent)
 libc5-dev    2387  gethostbyaddr(3) ill documented
 libc5-dev    2573  sysinfo system call not in libc
 libdb1       2483  libdb1 uses not-yet-completely-supported >= syntax
 libdb1       2504  remove -m486 from Makefile
 libdb1       2896  postinst has bad permissions 644
 libdb1       3240  [libdb]: obsolete bugfix
 libdb1       3335  Problems encountered while compiling "libdb1" for m68k arch
 libdb1       3612  libdb1 description: no ext
 libg++27     2610  support for m68k-linux
 libg++27     3626  libg++27 description: no ext
 libgdbm1     2484  libgdbm1 conflicts with some versions of perl5 and man
 libgdbm1     3321  libgdbm.so version number...
 libgdbm1     3342  Problems encountered while compiling "libgdbm1" for m68k ar
 libgpm1      4252  libgpm1 calls ldconfig in prerm/postrm script
 libjpeg6a    3590  libjpeg6a description: ext start indented
 libjpeg6a-   3608  libjpeg6a-dev description: no ext
 libreadlin   2899  postinst has bad permissions 644
 libreadlin   3345  Problems encountered while compiling "libreadline2" for m68
 m4           4260  "\n" missing in m4 Description
 ncurses3.0   1314  ncurses fails in silly way on TERM=dumb
 ncurses3.0   1997  ncurses linux terminal definition for kbs
 ncurses3.0   2085  /usr/lib/termcap/l/linux kbs Capname definition questioned
 ncurses3.0   2291  missing terminfo capabilities for xterm
 ncurses3.0   2806  ncurses man pages internal inconsistencies
 ncurses3.0   2962  dselect arrow keys don't work after a search
 ncurses3.0   3113  dselect provokes ncurses problem when window enlarged
 ncurses3.0   3207  strange screen update choices from ncurses
 ncurses3.0   3422  termcap entry too long error
 ncurses3.0   3801  ncurses3.0 should not be essential
 ncurses3.0   3904  ncurses on mono linux console claims colour capability
 ncurses3.0   3974  problem with arrow keys in dselect (xterm)
 ncurses3.0   4298  arrow keys in dselect don't work after search
 p2c          3713  Problems encountered while compiling "p2c" on m68k arch.
 p2c          3870  "p2c" requires changes to support multiple arches
 postgres95   4112  "postgres95" requires changes for multi-arch support
 ps2pk        4217  "ps2pk" requires changes for multi-arch support
 spice        3155  spice still on my system
 ssh          4126  ssh & gpm
 ssh          4308  ssh and 256+ character pastes
 ssh          4313  ssh should use gmp's dynamic libs 
 ssh          4336  /etc/ssh/ssh_random_seed should be moved to /var
 ssh          4337  ssh should be compiled with -O2 (not -g -O)
 ssh          4338  sshd should support shadow passwords
 ssh          4343  ssh binaries are not stripped
 submit@bug   4370  wart or missing feature: bugs system
 svgalib1     2379  svgalib postinst broken
 svgalib1     2455  can't install svgalib1-1.28-5
 svgalib1     2876  svgalib will not work in a setup with serial console
 svgalib1-b   2311  svgalib has undocumented setuid program in /usr/doc/example
 svgalib1-d   3877  /usr/doc/examples/svgalib1/3d is still a.out
 tk40         3827  Tk4.0's bell flashes the display
 tk41         3953  Tk 4.1's bell flashes the display.
 tkps         4381  tkps installs itself into /usr/local/bin
 w3-el        3637  w3-el description: no ext
 wg15-local   4172  "wg15-locale" requires changes for multi-arch support
 win32binut   2650  win32binutils has /usr/bin/flex++
 win32binut   3653  win32binutils description: no ext
 win32gcc     3651  win32gcc description: no ext
 win32gcc     4292  win32gcc can't exec cc1
 win32libs    3649  win32libs description: no ext
 xaw3d        3067  broken libXaw3d
 xaw3d        3755  xaw3d shouldn't automatically install as libXaw
 xfnt100      3657  xfnt100 description: no ext
 xfnt75       3665  xfnt75 description: no ext
 xserver-ma   2039  X server font erosion
 xserver-s3   1796  missing call to ntohs in X server
 xserver-s3   3750  X server inaccessible sometimes
 xserver-s3   4056  mouse cursor in X3 server is cross-eyed
 xserver-s3   4066  strangeness with X3 server

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