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Bug#4384: gcc_2.7.2.1-1.deb & g77_0.5.18-2.deb incompatible

Alan (g77 maintainer) writes:
> I'm planning to do a new release of g77 which will include the gcc source to try
> and solve this problem.  The idea was suggested to me by Joost.  The fundamental

Probably you are right, but I don't quite understand what you mean.

At the moment, gcc is g77 aware, but just not aware of the right
g77 version. I think the best solution would, ofcource be to merge
the g77 and gcc maintaining, so that new versions of g77 and gcc
will always be released together. Failing that, probably the
best way is to put a symlink from, say /usr/bin/f771 to /usr/lib/gcc/version/..
and to make the /usr/bin/gcc wrapper in the gcc package
"/usr/bin/f771" aware, and not "/usr/lib/gcc/version/..." aware.

What probably would not be a good solution is to put another
/usr/bin/gcc wrapper in g77. This will then make g77 unable to work
with other gcc versions (same problem as now, but other way around
and therefore much more serious). Also, I don't really see a need
for two /usr/bin/gcc wrappers to be provided by gcc and g77.
If I ever gave the impression I favored this, I didn't get my
opinion accross very well.

So, basically I think this is a gcc problem, that gcc should solve
(with a little assistance from g77, (the symlink) to tell gcc where
to look for f771).

But I don't know how David (gcc maintainer) think s about this,
so I cc'd him on this.


> Alan
> (g77 and f2c package maintainer)

joost witteveen
Use Debian/GNU Linux!

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