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Re: Bug#4329: Emacs has hardcoded path for jka-compr, breaks at upgrad

kai@khms.westfalen.de (Kai Henningsen) writes:

> Except that that's not true. yyyy-mm-dd is the thing that will sort ok.

My mistake.  I misread.  That's what I meant to type.

> (Oh, one minor point. 4 digit years actually buy a lot more than 8000  
> years iff there are delimiters around the number. Both 123456-12-31 and  
> 31Dec123456 are perfectly parsable, should you ever need them, and also  
> very obvious extensions.)

Very true, and convenient.  I suppose it wouldn't sort properly with
the naive algorithm, but I guess we'll probably have systems that can
handle it by the year 9999 :>


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