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Bug#4378: incomplete Packages files and incomplete distributions

On Mon, 2 Sep 1996, Anton Rebhan wrote:

> Repeatedly, I faced problems with a new installation and with
> upgrades coming from an out-of-date Packages file and/or of
> an incomplete set of packages.
> I have ignored missing packages when they were just recommended
> but not available. Currently, however, there is the package gs_4.01
> in /non-free, which *depends* on gsfonts (>=4.01), libpaper (>=1.0-1),
> both of which are not availabe, however, in the stable tree.

I'm sure you know that both of those packages are available in the
unstable tree.  I don't know of a longterm solution short of
duplicating the contrib and non-free trees into stable and unstable
versions.  Our ftp hierarchy is already too complicated.

> An older version of gs, which is in /buzz and which would do with
> the existing gsfonts package, cannot be installed, because dselect
> picks only the newest version.

It seems overloading the gs name is causing problems.  Joost, the
maintainer of both gs's, offered several times to rename them to gnu-gs
and alladin-gs and let them conflict.  Perhaps this needs to be done.

> Perhaps it would be possible to automatically generate up-to-date
> Packages files

That is already done, once a day.

> and to automatically check whether all the packages
> others depend on are really there.

An automatic dependency check would be useful.


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