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Re: What parts of "TeX" are architecture independent?

On Mon, 19 Aug 1996, llucius wrote:
>I finally bit the bullet and started work on the TeX packages to make 
>them build on multiple architectures.
Sorry for the long delay.

>Well, since I don't much at all about 
>TeX, I'm not sure what's platform specific.  I'm especially concerned 
>about endianness.

>As far as I can gather, the only files that aren't independent are "tfm" 
>files.  Is that correct?
No. *Everything* is platform independent except the executable binaries
(of course) and .base and .fmt files, but the latter are generated at
installation time anyway.

Much care had been taken by D.E.Knuth to make .dvi .tfm and .pk files
platform and especially endianness independent. All other files of the TeX
system are simple ASCII textfiles.


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